BF MAC10 (MAC11) Dive in and Mods

I’ve still got the brand new gearbox here somewhere from the mac10 I did the gen 8 conversion on if anyone is interested :thinking:
Will have to find it among all the spares and take a pic.

Unfortunately this is for the BF version. Best bet is a warranty swap.

Definitely interested!

So yours must be a BY instead of a BF MAC10.
Gears for that are available as are gearboxes.

A simpler way to change the trigger angle and get rid of the excess play. :sunglasses:


Just a thought.
Size diff is considerable, shell would need cutting and buttstock locking mechanism would need modification.

May have to if BF gearboxes are unavailable.

Hello. I havent been able to locate any parts at all for the BF. All I need is a single gear swapped out, and it’ll be working again.

I thought I had a BF v1 arriving today, turns out it’s the BY with the supressor. Hope it’s about the same quality as the BF v2

Tired of unscrewing the front bolt to change batteries.

Trying this, cutting plates on removable top piece to corm c-clamps, reinforced with superglue. Not sure how long it’ll last but it clicks on and off. Stiff but the slide is a snug fit to begin with.
They did build this well.
If this eventually fails I can either add a sheet of brass or steel or use spring clips. I think it will last awhile as it is nylon.
Meanwhile the front bolt can stay screwed on and keep the front end of the shell solidly bolted together while I slide the top off to change batteries.

Yes, there are no parts available for the BF which is a shame as it is a beautiful gearbox.
The spur gear failed on one of mine.
Where did yours fail?

Test fire.
Turns out feed tube is poorly finished at the mag motor end. Was chewing up everything and building up debris inside.
No hop up, yet.

Respectable RPS. 170fps AKAs
Always nice to see gels doing follow the leader.
Flat to ~15m

Have yet to tweak spring and piston. BWAHAHA!

Hop up project
It’s a muzzlebrake+tube+deagle hop up. Scraps.
Bottom left pic is slight mod to safety so it actually allows some grip. :sunglasses:


BF MAC10 Mag needs some tidying.
Not sure why it is made this way but the motor is definitely not going to like it.

I’ll give this a go :blush:

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Nice work Mr Cruise, as usual!

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I think the screw on my folding stock has worn out unfortunately and can’t seem to take the hex screw off either.

How does that happen?
It’s all metal and you don’t need to remove it.

The hex nut/screw on my Mac 10 stock can’t be tightened up anymore

Got a Picture?

I’m quite sure that is iron/steel and not easily worn unless the allen key wasn’t a good fit.
Have not tried undoing it.

It is a tall bolt head so enough room to use pliers or to cut a groove in it for a screwdriver.

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This is the gear that shredded. iHobby messaged me and said they can send out a replacement gear.

Really hope it doesn’t shred again.