Big boss tactical unresponsive

Does anyone have issues with the Big Boss tactical website?
I’ve ordered some pistols grips last Saturday but didn’t receive email confirming the order but the account has been charged. Emailed them few times but no answer…

Aren’t they in WA, and didn’t they close down?

I’ve ordered some parts since then and got them plus an email that some were out of stock but would be due in soon. I recall seeing them list that blasters are from a qld warehouse now but my parts still came from WA

Emailing [email protected] was responsive.

Lol, I’ve just received my order!


Yeah. I have found in general emails are either slow or get missed. I tend to ring people these days.

Glad you got your thing though.

Ha big boss have always been unresponsive in the email and knowledge department. Good to see nothing has changed :+1:

Looks like they’re trying to setup their own marketplace for things blaster related ala-Gumtree style?

Do share? I heard whispers the container of blasters purportedly sent to QLD for safekeeping may be getting busted open for sale.

Only stumbled upon it looking for some odd parts

Interesting a Perth based business is updating their website and now offering a “Marketplace”.

When you go to a product page you can click on vendor info