Big brute vs clean build

These are me 2 builds the big long brute is my first blaster originally an M4ss with a LVOA-V handguard (nylon version) with the sexy new stock. The eotc is fake but the triangle and straight fore grip gives you freedom of many ways to hold the blaster in diffrent situations. A drum mag to finish the big boy look as well as being a drum mag. The flip up sights just add that extra touch needed for such a big blaster. The suppresser at the end hiding the hop up and 45cm tight bore
Internally a CMC metal trigger makes it look deadly and is reliable. The metal cylinder head and nose with the green o ring gives tight compression. The colourful cylinder just gives that class. The strong stainless return sping to replay the rusted one. A metal spring retainer keeps the X-force 1.25 spring in line and gives a clean firing blaster. I sadly I cannot FPS test it but with it is quite accurate with a long range using the heavier milkys. The gears are the stick nylon ones but they will stay until they break.

secondly the gen 9 externally with the SLR hand guard gives a sleek look make stronger with the mock suppressor fitting flawlessly the sight is a replica T1 that works quite well and the laser at the front for scaring friends. Although externally there is not much internally this things is a beast. A 30cm tightbore gives it accuracy at high FPS the metals cylinder and cylinder head, nozzle, plunger head, nylon plunger with a black O ring gives almost perfect compression. The metal tapet, and strong return spring gives reliability. The metal gear make sure it can handle the1.3 unequal spring. A metal trigger to make sure it doesn’t break. This gear box also has bearings and shims (altho not the best shim job) and be the motor is insane. I have to admit I didn’t mod this one internally it was done by Gel ball amoury. This blaster altho not shooting as far as the previous one definitely hits harder and has a much higher FPS altho it sounds like it constantly wants to kill itself.

I hope you enjoy these builds they both have there place it’s weather you chose the big blaster that has range and accuracy of the sleek and small one that shoots much faster hits harder and is quite smaller


Nice write up @willis :slight_smile:

Congrats on making your first contribution and posting upon the site. Must admit that was well written and if I had the choice of the 2 I would take the gen9 purely because on the field after sometime your arms will tire sooner with the bigger one plus it hits harder so less chance of opposition dodging the gels. Keep up the good work👍

Come on Milko… at least he was sensible enough to know he needs to have two blasters (so far) :grin:


I know he is I was answering his question of which one he should use on field

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And of course, the answer is ‘both’ :sweat_smile:

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He calls one Dez and the other one Troy…


Thinking of an M249 build 300fps, moderately high rate of fire

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It depends if one is defending a larger area or sniping from a distance, or running in and out of rooms thru corridores or obstacles … either would be good for different game situations… indoor or outdoor

It is the same in the real world, that is why there are different types for different situations :+1:

I too have a big saw and will be doing the same :grin:

No, not a sore… then I would just rub some oinkment on it…

The support role has always been my kinda role the only thing that is making me hesitate is the possibility of a higher Quilty SAW hitting the market

They need names might think about that :joy:

Thanks have really enjoyed building and rebuilding these this constantly after little mistakes or broken parts

I can’t take credit for those names…


Here is a real one just for comparison…

Ours are a pretty good likeness.

Don’t worry if a better SAW comes out… just make yours as good as any Gen 8 can be… That is what I am going to do with min :grin:

Dw I know a lot about guns :joy: to much… I would really love a MK 48 or a PKM a wood pkm :drooling_face: but I’m thinking a budget build that I could offer my friends to get them into gel blasters

Maybe he call then
Shazza + dazza


Kurlup & Di? :upside_down_face: