Bigrr mosfet error

Yeah i did, the ones I’ve done stop at the same point.

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It’s the stock motor so that may be it also, end of the day I lived without active braking I got the mosfet for a sensitive trigger, as long as I get it back to shooting well with the trigger like this I’ll be cheering for now. If I want working active braking I’ll get a perun v2

I wonder what happened to old mate with the faulty mosfet lol hopefully my issues are sorted now

Yeah not too sure, kinda sounded like a similar issue I had. I’m sure we will hear more of it if they’re still chasing some help.

Gawd…somewhere here. We have a few different ones

I’ll have a gander later today.

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Yew rattlers t piece fix sorted my problems


yes, this is my issue. i will try it. thanks

HI Ryan
Can you give me one picture of it , please

Unfortunately not sorry mate, I dont believe I took a photo when I did it sorry.

Hey guys
Not sure if this is a similar issue to the first post but I have an LDT LDX Advanced box in my Scar H. I seem to have one overriding issue.
The mosfet doesn’t like load. I’m not talking extreme loads but the mosfet goes into safety mode very quickly with an X-Force hi torque motor and 1.3 spring. This is with 11.1v 2000mAh 30c. Maybe one mag of use, if that.
If I run the standard LDT motor it’s a lot better but I still feel the batteries don’t last as long as they should before the mosfet safe mode kicks in.
With a 7.4v battery it’s even more obvious.
I’ve run a 7.4v with a similar build for a full half day of gaming on a conventional trigger.
I pulled the box out and saw I had crimped a wire on install. Wire seemed fine so I slipped some heat shrink over it.
I can’t see any other issues.
Being the Scar H would the folding stock terminals be a concern?
Any advice would be appreciated.

There’s a good chance it’s the 30c discharge rate of your battery. It’s going into safe mode so your mosfet and battery don’t fry. You might need something more along the lines of a 45-60c discharge battery.

Azreals armory and xforce black label batteries should do the trick.

30c tbh is quite badly on the low end of the spectrum. Does the battery or motor heat up or is really hot once it hits safety mode?

(Edit: for clarity I believe the mosfet has up to a 16amp continuous rating for up to 3 seconds and bursts of 25amp. I “think”)

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Thanks mate.

That’s what I suspected.
I guess I’m just surprised as it is a very unremarkable set up.
I thought a conventional 11.1 Lopo would be more than enough even with a hi torque motor.

Motors aren’t exactly a big area of knowledge for me right now. Someone like @Rattler could likely explain it better than I ever could.

Tbh I wouldn’t mind an explanation of the mechanics too to better understand it.

Is it because you have a higher tonque Motor in it

Hey mate did you manage to sort this out with a better battery? Im running a chihai m150 motor and 1.28 spring its firing maybe 5 times before stopping and then the red light is blinking. I’m using a xforceblack label battery (1200mah 11v 25c)
With stock slr 1.2 spring it didn’t have an issue. With a 7v turnigy and goes straight into safe mode.

I’ve got the same gearbox in a hk416 and it runs great with any battery I throw at it, also running m150 motor and 1.28 spring

Quality 11.1 battery is the only option when I run my hi torque motor. 7.4 just isn’t an option. I run a turnigy 25-50c 11.1 now.

^^^ this reality is not limited to the BigRRR and should be standard practice for anyone moving to a HT motor