BigRRR Gears - anyone know anything?

They’re a bit over twice as much as what you’d pay for SHS gears running the same ratio… but are they twice as good? Logic says “no”, but has anyone used them or know of anyone who’s got an opinion?

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I think the main selling point is that they have less resistance meaning the motor doesn’t have to work as hard to turn them thus saving power and increasing speed (probably by an insignificant amount that you wouldn’t really notice)

Never used em to be sure tho… Anyone else?

Yeah, there’s bearings in the sector and spur gear - stroke of genius or just another thing to explode and go wrong?

I feel like, given the nature of our gearboxes needing regular servicing and love, that it’s an f-up waiting to happen?

Probably… I’m actually surprised they chose the sector gear instead of the bevel (You’d think the sector gear gets more sidewards-directional pressure from drawing back the plunger, wearing down the bearing quicker)

my views are the same overall I’ve tried a few different gets but i choose shs gears most builds due to their performance is awesome and their price is better. when i spent that kind of money on gears i went for one with a good reputation as lonex gears are great and same price as bigrrr

yes provided their properly meshed together with shims and grease too or even gear sets like Prometheus and ak would runs s**t without them

I’ve got SHS gears for my Kublai box, but thought I’d try something different for the MK box. Usually if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But our blasters come from the store and they ain’t broke… but we fix them, anyway! I guess I’m not going to be twice as impressed with them over the SHS, but up here it costs $39 for a 6-pack of VB.

That’s not a typo: a 6-pack.

So I figure I’d spend the extra and give them a go, and worst case scenario - they’re not that great and I put SHS in the MK box.

Actually, worse case scenario is they lunch themselves, explode and totally root the insides of MK box with shrapnel.

are you serious $39 for VB 6er. you couldn’t pay me to drink that shit. yes its a Vic beer but the only people here I see walking with a box out the bottle-o are :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Asians well majority being Vietnamese. why I couldn’t tell you. I only drink scotch/ whiskey. but if only option is a beer it’s Carlton draught on tap icecold or Nada.

as or the rrr gear set let me know how they run as my mate is just about to drop them in a mk box too so will be interesting to see if their feedbacks are consistent with each other

Do these gears make my rrr’s look big? :thinking: :grin:

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haha that’s a trick question. but any bloke unsure of what to say tried a couple over the years and safest answer “but it’s still not guaranteed get out of jail free card” is “of course not babe”

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Is your mate running bearings on the bearing-ed gears? There’s an interesting thought!

he’s running the 8mm lonex doubles bushes which pretty much work like bearings as it’s a bushing inside a bushing

Nice - I was looking at those… $38 for bushings, though… although $220 for a gearbox?

It’s like having a Porsche with cloth seats?


Found this old Reddit post which is relevant. Basically gears with bearings set into them may sound like a good idea, but the reality is they often fail.

‘Super Shooter’ is a brand of AS gears which do the same thing, the consensus is to avoid.

I’ve already bought a set to blaze a trail and see how they go, but also played it safe and bought some SHS ones at the same time. I only went 18:1 so hopefully not being too demanding of them will prolong their life. I went the Lonex double bushings for the build because I think bearings are just another thing to fail… but then bought gears with bearings in them. Go figure.

So they arrived (and only took a month to get here!), and I have to say that first impressions are that they’re top-notch. At first glance, they mesh really well together and, as you’d imagine with bearings in them, spin quite freely. They feel more “precise” than my SHS gears running the same ratio.

The real test will be to see how they hold up in the MK build and if they lunch themselves after one trigger pull. They’re only 18:1, though.

Just waiting on the MOSFET, but before that I need to decide: double grooved bushings or bearings? I think I bought both because I couldn’t decide, or I was going to put bearings in the bevel gear and double grooved on the already-bearing-ed gears, or just bushings for less headaches, or…?

Is putting bearings on gears that already have bearings too much?

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My oldest checking my shim-job…


another soon to be addicted laughing%20(1) Well done… first



that is awesome to see mate nothing better than sharing something your passionate about with your kids and passing on your knowledge. my youngest is the same whenever Im in my workshop (garage) servicing, fixing or tinkering away she will come out and help like any 4yr old does… yes she may loose a couple small screws or even shims but that’s why always keep spares lol


Mate, I hear you there: shims on the floor, grabbing screwdrivers and poking them into the gearbox, asking (over and over) “can I see it, can I see it?”. When he asks what things are, I don’t dumb it down when I tell him, and it’s amazing what a 3 year old can remember… but can he put his own gearbox together and do a perfect shim job?! Maybe in a few years :rofl:

It took a fair few shims to do the box, but putting them into the MK box was great as there’s hardly any flex like in a nylon box. So gears are done, but still waiting on f*#king parts!

I feel like I should have gone 13:1, too…