Bigrrr mosfet into cqb2s

Decided to pull the Gate mosfet and install the bigrrr

Wells and their dodgy spring retainer
Radiused the box while it was empty
These areas needed attention for wires and mosfet board
Magnet into sector
Prep the board
Check sector gear height to the hall sensor ready to pew pew


Pretty sure I just saw this on Facebook?

Yep you just did lol

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Except tac edges page im not allowed to post there apparently im a bussiness

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Probably cause it’s better tech work then they can do :man_shrugging:

I got banned from their group about 6 months ago for saying I like ausgel gels on their page lol

That’s cause their tac edge brand gels “are the hardest on the market” they tell me​:rofl::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Great work on the write up. What’s your first impression of the mosfet? Benefits over the Gate?

I’d say no real benefit of the gate. Consider the bigrrr your kind of entry level drop in mosfet. You get to choose semi or burst fire modes on single shot . But no real “programming” if that makes sense. A 100% active break you can’t turn off.

But it does run the blaster better. Improves your fire rate and it a genuine joy to use.

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All the gate is a super fuse with a bit of ab not bad but for the price the bigrrr hands down

I legitimately thought the gate was better than that

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It’s bassically a super fuse it did the job and I’m sure may work better on a micro switch trigger than standard trolley setup

Can anyone link me the double oring cylinder head and nozzle for wells can’t seem get to find anyone stocking them as I’m sure the standard setup in leaking still short of epoxying the cylinder head in

The Well cylinder heads only have one o-ring. And some variants of them are not very good quality.
The earlier (good quality) alloy ones are a slightly different red colour than the ones you get now.

i have a nicer SJ metal box FS if you ever want to replace that rather ordinary one.

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Hey champ what receivers it good for could be an option for 1 of the 3 wells

So the red version the way to go?

no clue m8.

it rolled up, i was stupid excited then not so much.

looks allot like a MKv2 but then…don’t they all look alike.

happy to measure specific bits if you know what you’re looking for

Try xforce tactical, they did have the red ones last time I checked

They do atm but wanting to know which was the better seal the new or the red older

More info on here, also be aware of the slight length difference in nozzles.

Search for “well m4 alloy cylinder head and nozzle”

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