Bing feng Mp7 Wiring

Hi all,
I am having some trouble with the wiring on my mp7, stripped it down and some wires came out of there place, I played around with them and I have no power for the blaster when the battery is connected.
I don’t know what I have done, someone please help.

the lads may need some images to be of any assistance

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Ok so upfront …I don’t have one of these but I’m handy with such things

I cringe at the exposed positive conductors. Strictly not an issue perse if encased in a non conductive cavity like nylon but still…

I see a microswitch in the mix for the trigger contact. That would seem to be a probable point of failurr

Does the mag prime function?

If you have a multimeter, I’d be doing a continuity test from the battery input to various points along the way