BingFeng QBZ 95

Realised no one had added this to the list of blasters. But for me its definitely my favourite and the fact its not an M4 and a bullpup makes it so much better. I actually have 2 versions of it. It runs a plastic mp7 gearbox but when i chrono’d it it was actually punching 240! Probably was lucky. Full nylon outer construction and mag prime. The feature for me that made it my favourite was the fact that it can actually fit an M4ss drum and the US twinmag (see lowguidos you tube vid). My next project when i have time is to mod it to fit a p90 gearbox. The mounting holes are the same but the qbz receiver is smaller. Once im back up to QLD ill mod it and take some pics to upload. Hopefully they make a nylon Famas MDR or L86 in future!

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Agree that it’s a nice departure from AR’s and AK’s, and reasonably capable out of the box, despite the “no frills” design.

I think I picked mine up from Toy and Hobby Warehouse on eBay - about the only place I’ve ever seen them.

MST are supposed to be releasing the L85A1 this year, so this could form the basis of a L86 with a bit of effort. Pretty sure people have done this with the old (manual?) L85.

There is also a Tavor (metal/expensive, iirc) on the way this year, but not sure if a FAMAS is on the cards as well.

Thanks for nothing @TerryB117 and @Gels, you just cost me $135 :rofl:


Wow thats cheap i got mine for 160. It makes for a good gen 8 compatible bullpup. Its uses all the gen 8 and m4ss mags which is ideal for many m4a1 users to share parts.

An L86 would be tempting i have decided to reduce my purchasing of Chinese made product to bare minimum. Hopefully in future there are other countries that make gel blasters. For now i am just going to have enough parts to keep my current arsenel going


I want a good tar21
I have a plastic one but would love nylon or better
Would also love a good nylon fn2000 that breaks down like the real one…


Agree about the nylon. None of my blasters that i own are plastic. After bad experience with a plastic p90 gear box that cracked under very little pressure i avoid anything plastic as much as possible. My bro is a fan of the Tar21 but i prefer the L86 lookswise. But i am happy with my qbz95 as my cqb all purpose bullpup blaster i will mod it so its worthy to be an alternate to my mostly metal m4ss (this has the hi end red chi hai 460 motor so has a massive ROF)


QBZ 95 turned up, good quality, only thing I don’t like is it has that slight rubber feel to the finish on it. Did yours have that?

I also ordered a MA2A1 Barrett anti material blaster which has a huge magazine, going to make that into a bullpup too Hehe

It’s like that unfortunately like that its nylon but not the same as Lehui Aug but still decent. I have these two versions

And a Barret bullpup would sick would love to see the end result.

Is the Feb 2020 release any good ?

@WhiteYeti The BF QBZ is a good blaster. Very strong nylon body. I’d give it 8 out of 10. The only thing (which is a personal preference thing) is that it has a slightly grippy / rubbery feel to the Nylon. Like the back of some mobile phones have. I’m not a big fan of that but that’s just because I prefer the smoother finish (mainly because it’s easier to paint if you want to)

Being a bullpup, the internal barrel is nice and long to give maximum power and accuracy, with a shorter actual overall length.
Yeah I’m really biased toward bulpups. I think they are awesome haha

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Thnxs for the reply mate, i like the Bullpup design as well. I bought a QBZ last year it was ok g box let it down it’s now a play toy for the young fella. Am looking at another supposed to be a Feb 2020 release Just wondering if anyone can confirm these stats as it says it has a nylon Gbox, if so might order this in a couple of weeks. The pic looks the same as the other one I bought.

Cheers Yeti.

I’m curious if the new release has the newer p90 gearbox with the 460 motor?

Unfortunately unless the make the top of the receiver larger it just wont fit a 460 motor. The body is narrow at the top too and unless the body design is changed it can only fit a mp7 gear box. I had to mod my qbz97 to fit a p90 mag by cutting and widening the gear box part of the shell.

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Do you have a pic of the blaster not a fan of many of the design variations although one i have i like alot

Here is a pic


Thanks for the pic it looks pretty much the same. Definitely a mp7 gearbox just by looking at it.

Hey Terry, have you seen the LiHui 97s? I am not sure, but I think they are a 2020 release but I have been known to be wrong before :smile: The pictures look a little plasticy but that is a picture, I have not seen one in the wild yet.
I am like you, I do not mind something different from the M4 derivatives while having one is part of my personal history collection.
I would be interested in hearing your views on motor upgrades for the QBZ series and how you do it if you succeed.

Cheers, Jeff. I’m off to hunt down a Bing Feng QBZ 97 hahahahahaha…

You’re not Robinson Crusoe there, Spartan. :rofl: share if you find, hey?

Seems I’ve been bitten by the bullpup bug too. Damn you @Arty_Marty :joy:


In stock and on sale for $145

Haven’t done anything to mine yet, but it’s a nice strong nylon shell. :slight_smile: you won’t be disappointed.

Ps. Bullpupitis is very contagious :sneezing_face::rofl: