BingFeng QBZ 95


I want that bullpup you posted :heart_eyes:
XM8 Bullpup

It looks like someone has directly combined the vector line art drawings of a Tavor and the XM8 . Hope it’s a real thing. Wish I had a spare tavor to chop up now…

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No. No. no noooooo. you makey this thing mr Spaceman. Tha’s what I hired you for, no go gits a plumbing.


I’m itching to get my mill running and start knocking out stuff like that… Sorry it’s taking so long @Spartan19 . Nearly finished the shed, hopefully September!


@Arty_Marty, just joking mate, if you can knock stuff like that up, we are in a better place :hugs:

OK, so I have stripped down my QBZ because of LGT syndrome. It is definitely all different from the Low Guido version. Nylon gearbox, Alloy barrel at least 42/43cm long x 9.5od x 7.0/7.1id.
A 1.0mm x 140mm spring. The “T” piece is extremely loos even with the box tightened up and it moves in any direction. No barrel stabilisers exist except for the tip or dummy barrel end.

Electrics, there is a dilemma with the motor being directly soldered to the system and there is some strange device between the trigger switch and mag primer switch and mag primer connectors. SR360_M1C are the numbers on it.

The wiring could certainly do with much tidying up and I will be putting a fuse and an EASYfet in this one. Also some barrel support and such in the casing. Motor dimensions are D 35mm x 25mm(flat side) L 57mm (bearing to bearing), Output shaft 17mm length x 3mm diameter and a “D” shape end for the pinion.


farkin love that diode installation

fks given…NONE!


Looks like the same Gbox as the P90 V3, you should be able to get it cracking.

Thanks for the detailed look.

A long tight barrel is certainly unusual.
Did you chrono it?

Motor connections can be replaced with plugs. I would not trust that soldering anyway. You could break that off with a light twist.

Gearbox is custom.
P90V3 has motor at an acute angle and will probably not fit in that space.

Wiring does need tidying. Plenty of room for a relay too. :sunglasses:

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@Cruise, no mate Chrono is on the list to get soon. Have you any idea what that motor might be?

All of my blasters have 7mm x 9.5mm barrels, makes gels easy

Zhendou sell this gearbox now for $20 in plastic and $40 in Nylon complete!

Going to my favourite store tomorrow, Safari Zoomer Tac, then Jaycar for relays and fuses.

Seriously thinking about that Russian Bullpup as well :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: another simple looking bit of tubing…Until…!!!

Wow looks like the have changed the motor housing so it fits a 460 as the old qbz definitely runs a 370. If that is a genuine 460 motor i would definitely want that gearbox as modding the p90 gearbox to fit takes modifications that ruin the look. The rest of the blaster looks exactly like qbz95. Wonder if that new gearbox fits in an mp7.

Motor looks like a 370 in the plastic and a basic 460 in the nylon.
That ‘device’ is an oversized diode, wired by some lazy sod and set for an accident. Hence the wincing.
This pic might help.

Those top two boxes I believe were standard issue in the V1 M249. I think these below are pretty cool…

X force tactical had them at one point for $80. I’m really pissed that I didn’t pick one up when I had the opportunity. Has a larger profile than the P90/MP7 boxes though. It’s basically just an inline Gen8.

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Well, back from my favourite store :grin:, Just love that service, but I always walk out with that bit more than I intended, a hundred bucks more than I intended LoL.
All very necessary items though…I had to have them, really necessary to my safety and that of others.
I showed Douglas the gearbox and he looked at it quite stunned. Whats it out of he asked? As he had a couple of QBZs on the rack I pointed at them and said, “Those”…! No way, they only have a 360 in them and that is at least a 460. I told him the rest about it and showed him the Cylinder head and nozzle leaking. Again surprise, at the length of the actual nozzle tube length on the head. Nothing like it in any of the spares. Tried several new head seals but could not fix the air leak so Teflon tape time and then an O ring. Have a new Alloy Nozzle with seals inside as well. I might use the 1.2 x 15 spring from my Cyma in it for a little boost also.
Got my Jaycar bits and will find my heat shrink tubing selection. I also got some motor pins and will solder the wires to them and then just slide them on and off the terminals when I need to work on the gearbox.
All in, it has been another fun-filled day of jiggery-pokery, now to put it to good use.


@Farmercyst, half that price a Zhendou now in Nylon. I think after the re-assemble of that bit today, you might want to get the barrel and T piece as well for the Nylon box if you were to get it.

I just finished bandaging the T piece in PTFE tape to stop it rattling around in the gearbox. All smooth and tight now. Yep, got rid of the soldered wires and some nice motor clips to fit are in place too.

Now to study the wiring in of fuses and relays. Should I keep that abortion of a thing they have or join the wire and just do it like the schematic off the forum?


@Spartan19 Thanks bud, I’ll go and check out Zhen. Cheers…

I thought the 74U was small. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

small is relative.

RU and small…not an asian small

But the QBZ has a 43cm barrel, what does the 74U have?

From memory 74U was 25cm

great cbq size, the qbz is almost a sniper rilfe.

I’ll look under the bonnet and see what lurks.

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