Bit of a weird electrical issue... if anyone has any idea please?

was gonna test the gen9 after work today, but it did not wanna fire,
and by that i mean when i pull the trigger nothing happened, at all.

originally i thought it was due to i reversed the polarity on the wiring to the motor yesterday and cooked it or something, but i chuck the motor back into the ACR and it fired as normal…
so it was not the motor.

after 2 hours of pulling the box apart and test everything, fixed some possible wiring issues,
only to find that it was the bridging bits that gets push in by the trigger,
i am certain of that because i have tested the wires literally inch by inch and confirmed there is consistent current flow and resistance is 0.8 ohm throughout
(if i am reading the multi-meter correctly = .=?)

it seems for what ever reason,
it will only make contact 100% of the time if the bridging piece is push almost all the way in,
and under normal trigger pull, it will not always close the circuit :thinking:
and that’s with bit of force applied to the trigger to make sure it’s pushed as far forward as it can with out breaking anything.

i have wd40 the hell out of it, brushed it, light sanded it, spit on it, shout at it, called it’s mum names and all that jazz… but little bridging piece for what ever reason is just not wanting to work 100%.
if i hold the two blade together there is no issue, all the solder is fine too on the blade side,
making the blade gap smaller seems to have helped a little bit,
but there is still trigger pulls where it does not wanna close the circuit :sleeping:

so i am really lost…
has anyone had same or similar issues?

It must have covid19 :rofl:

Check your contacts again, it improved squeezing them together… worn maybe. Good luck.

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I had similar issue I just bent the contacts in

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No the switch, gen9 mechanism with the two blade and a thing that the trigger pushes in to close circuit

I did that but still comes and goes

Lol maybe, that would explain why it was sneezing out gels xD

It does look a bit worn out but I sand and clean thw contact area :confused:

so, having “polished” your trigger shuttle brass…and i recommend a little heavy grease to prevent arching…

you could bend in the two contacts ever so slightly to make a more positive contact.

you can also disassemble that trigger shuttle receiver assembly to inspect the plating. there is a snowball’s chance in hell that one of them may have a hairline break…its stupidly unlikely though

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True I didn’t think of that coz I didn’t think that could happen = .=
But I did take it in and out of the box number of times in the pass week…

I’d laugh if I take it out and one of the terminal jist fall into two pieces haha

But I have a feeling what ever is wrong is on tje bridging side not the two contact blade side

the bridging side (the trigger shuttle) is a solid piece of metal.

not allot can go wrong with a solid piece of metal.

try trigger play with the box open for continuity testing…it could be your shuttle isn’t going far enough forward?


That is possible, for what ever reason it’s not going forward enough to make contact once the box closed…

I will look into it a bit more,
Worse case I will just space the trigger surface like 2mm or something :confused:

Is it something to do with the mechanical safety on the trigger? Holding the actual trigger from moving freely? Or do you have full trigger movement?

Not the safety,
It’s def an issue with the contact, as I have tested wiring out side the box, also inside the box with just trigger.

It seem at initial contact, the two blade is touching the shuttle, but no current goes through it until I push it further in.
Almost seems like the tip area of the shuttle is either worn out or something is on it to no close the circuit, hence all the sanding and cleaning.

A bit of arcing plus pitting and deposits will keep being a problem. Deteriorating contacts will also generate more heat. Not the best switch option esp. with higher currents.

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Is the gen8 switch better?
Coz really don’t need one of those chip thingy :sweat_smile:


Gen8 is a shitty micro switch so no it isn’t better


Duely noted :smiley:

Nooooooooooooooooo :scream:

Lol :joy:
May the fps be with you


Wait whats the chip thingy ??

Just had this same problem after working perfectly before a teardown.
Hopefully grease works when i try it soon ,cbf with it atm lol.

Edit: gonna keep it real and admit i soldered the deans on the wrong way round.

This cause the same effect tho haha

I was simply echoing his description of what I presume was a MOSFET. :rofl:

Always a good idea to check polarity and direction of motor rotation.
Just visually trace or walk through the wiring circuit before hooking up the battery.

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