Bit of help with some part knowledge for my sons ACR

So I bought the 1.3 universal spring an green o ring to start upgrading my sons ACR. Am looking at getting alloy barrel as well an wondering if anyone could recommend sizes or an good barrel to get, Also the plunger etc as well. Can anyone explain the different teeth count on the plungers as I’m wishing to get the acr to shoot further an be bit more accurate as my original barrel was bent an t piece had air leaks which had fixed myself.

This is the best value for a Gen 9 or J10… it has everything except the spring retainer/guide.

Often the ebay seller says they are for Gen 9, but you can message and ask for the J10 barrel and T piece… and ask for the barrel length you want…:+1:

This guy I bought them from, really good… but I see he is out of them here in Oz… at the moment they come on the slow boat from China. You can ask him if he is getting any stock here any time soon…

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Cheers for that. Getting an unequal 1.3 spring an just working out what plunger an cyclinder to get with air volume to barrel length ratio right.

Cheers ended up doing 1.3 unequal spring, green o ring, new nozzle for plunger, metal barrel which is amazing. Am doing 18:1 she gears new motor an plunger done next with metal pinions.

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Have to give a huge shout out to ADAM from oz hobbies in morayfield qld to the great help with showing how to do few things I didn’t know with putting gearbox back together explaining the different parts an what they do an getting me sorted with what parts I need for my build. An overall the best customer service I’ve had. Especially after 3 rude encounters at the other local store in the shopping centre.