Bits for MK2 gearbox

Alright in case of starting another shit storm can I get a list of what will go in to MK2 gearbox.
I plan on running :
JJ SLR shell
18:1 either SHS or Bigarr CNC Metal Gear Set with Bearings
M120 or M110 spring
Still toying with Mosfet or Mech trigger- Suggestions more then welcome.
SHS V2 tappet.

So what will go in, can you also put links to said items also
This will be my main blaster so I would like to make it the boomdiggity


I’m interested in the same. I have 120 spring , 16:1 shs ant trying to locally source a titan advanced v2 but that is proving difficult. I am os at the mo don’t get back on home soil for another week

Bushes over bearings. I’ve had some bearings recently cause issues with being able to shim the box properly.

18:1 SHS, respectable gearing. I’ve yet to destroy a set.

SHS tappet for sure

JJ reciever, drops straight in. I do prefer the JJ T and barrel adaptors even though I’m running FB T and adaptor

Get a nice spring retainer

Decent nylon piston or poly carb. Nylon seems to wear less. I have one of each.

The perun MOSFET is a drop in. I have two of these, one installed. New install, has kinks (randomly goes into programming mode when you have someone dead to rights) kinks, not problems.

The spring is a function of your cylinder head, barrel length and barrel ID. An m120 is probably overkill for most things. I prefer non linear springs.

You need to select a motor. The SHS high torque is 12.5amp dry run. By comparison the stock wells grey motor draws 3.5amp dry.

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