BJX gears 20k checkin.. all looks good!

Hey all… put a post up a while ago (New BJX gear sets coming to x-force - #15 by WHISKY) about the bjx gear set… so I’ve installed them in and aps box, 11v titan battery, 35000 rpm motor and m100 spring… put about 20000 gels through then open up box for a service and wow nothing was wrong, grease the gears back up and done another 20000 or so and still nothing wrong at all with the gear set… money well spent !!!
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Better than shs?

I think a little bit better and a little more quiet than the shs… :shushing_face:


Cheers. Good info.

Thanks for your review
I’m afraid buying shs gears cause so many sellers claimed fake one as legit

Might just get bjx instead


I think that’s the better option mate cause I’ve bin caught out with 3 sets of fake shs gears… (for sale shs gears sets) lol​:joy::joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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That was my issue and so went with the BJX. Actually I had @Hiroshima_screamer inspect them first. I’ll buy them again.

This thread would have been good 3 days ago when I was tossing up between BJX and shs, went shs.


Good choice :+1: not going bjx again, didn’t even last the test stage

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Without information, the pictures have no context, therefore no meaning.
Tell us what happened so that people can make an informed decision. :+1:

I for one would like to know.
I dont know your skills, therefore i cannot rule out yourself royally scewing things up.

The shafts are made from titanium and not hardened Steel(i should of known they would wear badly) they don’t suit a build with bushings as you can tell from the photo, i would suggest only use bearings with these light weight gear sets.

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This is my bad, titanium has very poor wear resistance, one needs some education in metallurgy to be a gel blaster tech :man_shrugging::joy:lol.


for 50 bucks they are pretty good

Interesting :thinking:. I’ve put in a few sets now in various blasters. One of which running bushes with an m110. It’s been going strong for a couple months now with no issue. Might have to send them a msg to bring it in for a service so I can check them out.

Funnily enough. I’ve had this happen to a set of shs too recently. Didn’t get past a weeks use. Maybe it was just a bad set?

The BJX gears shown here are the lightweight BJX PLUS units…Titanium Alloy Shafts that do have wear issues :confused:

I’m pretty certain that all the run of the mill BJX Sets that we all use are the basic black hardened steel shafts without any issues :+1:


That would make a lot of sense. I didn’t realise there were two types

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Ok good point i new they had made different color gears but up till now i was also unaware there were more than 1 type.
Anyway ill be steerin away them. See how other people luck turns out… But IMO anything with any kind of alloy shafts should be avoided as they always cheap crap quality metal…
Good luck . Post ya results on here after a month or so, and make sure post the pics…

So, for a little clarity on the issue for everyone, you used an M130 spring with those gears.
I think you’ll find, if you read the info on gears like Prometheus gears, that its stated not to exceed…let me have a look.

So even qauility, hardened steel cnc are rating springs at no more than M130’s.

I know you’ve said the shimming was bang on, but I can’t but help think something else went wrong.

After all these gearsets go to 13:1, so you would expect it to handle a big spring.
There’s alot of wear on the anti reverse on the bevel…and at least 2 teeth too…?
Hard bushes, that are keyholed too.
So which went first.
Not trying to be a duck, but I’d love to know what happened when you pulled the trigger. Obviously it must have worked for a while, because you tested it…but for how long and what happened?
I would love to know the full story, as it may be helpfull in the gears thread.
All good info. :+1:


Yeah happy to tell of my mistake lol, more so not knowing and learning as I’m experimenting and building, setup in an mk tactical v2 gearbox, used the BJX plus gear set 18:1, shs 8mm bushes, tienly 30k motor with the factory hardened metal pinion gear, shs m130 main spring, prerun v2 optical mosfet, titan 6000mah triple stick 11.1v battery, everything shimed, lubed and installed properly. Run about 50 semi-auto shots than a bit of cool down time, motor was getting warm, than a full-auto pull for 5 seconds or a tad more, this is when i noticed a slower than expected rof, so i pulled the motor and spring out to check movement of gears, no binding! Motor back in then noticed i had grabbed the wrong spring, i had a super shooter m110 new in packet so i installed that and up came the rof, it sounded way better, less load on the motor, i fired a few 5 second bursts of full-auto, seemed okay but still not the rof i was expecting, i pulled the box out of the receiver as i had to install a safety lever as i found out the prerun v2 doesn’t have a safety off, only one sensor on the selector, this is when i noticed badly keyholed bushes, the worst being the bevel gear. Not a great sign of a long lasting setup so i decided to rebuild it again.

The BJX Plus gear set has titanium shafts which would of contributed to the premature ware of the shafts and bushes

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