Black out kit for SKD Glock G18

Hi there i just brought the SKD Glock G18 and brought the Black out kit for SKD Glock G18
can any one here help me how to install the kit any videos or pictures how to install it cause nothing on youtube how to install it thanks

the only vid you really need to see is the barrel replacement.

getting the box out to do the trigger is easy once you get that far

a common gotcha is the micro switch at the muzzle end of the pistol.

look for it before you start pulling down the receiver after getting the slide off.

Where the video for barrel replacement.? I can’t find it

search criteria: glock skd g18 barrel replacement

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Hey I took the top thing off and did install it about the Trigger do I have to open the Screws off to install to get to the trigger ?


A disassembly is required

Ok thanks man for your help :pray: