Black Widow platinum Blaster

I brought a tactical edge platinum blaster, black widow which comes with a 7.4 battery & ive been warned off the 11 volt as could strip the internals etc. I want to buy a spare battery but should I stay with the 7.4 or go to a 11?

I would also like to know the same battery question for the HK416 3.0

An sad m1119 spare battery options too?

I don’t want to ruin my blasters but if an 11 will be fine, then why not?

Don’t those come with metal gears?

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I would think it’d love an 11v Lipo, best to ask Tac Edge themselves! Surely a $650 blaster would have metal gears??
Nice bit of kit might I add!

You don’t need metal gears for 11v. I can’t see a reason why a blaster can’t run 11v other than personal choice and some find single shot issues arise, which is where the personal preference comes in.

Put it this way, if you can wack a 11v into any $200 stock blaster and can’t with something 3 times the price, get a refund because along with o ring and spring the 11v battery is the standard upgrade to a blaster