Blaster concept design ideas. Your options?

Ok, keep an open mind everyone. I know the hardcore MilSim’ers will lose their sh*t, however…

What would you think of a gel blaster that looked like one of these designs?

Would anyone buy or use something like this?

Added bonus, in the right colours most would be legal in Victoria. Especially the bottom two.

Just trying to put some design concepts together. If you hate “space gun” looking things that’s fine. I’d still really appreciate your comments on the look/practical aspects etc.

Thanks in advance, Marty

#5 Has my vote. Are there already some design files put there?

Still on research mode at the moment. Working out what materials to build with, what gearbox to use etc etc… 3d printed pla/abs doesn’t really cut it, when I’ve upgraded my 3d printer I will be able to print in nylon… Still not sure if that’s practical… Have some ideas about using pvc sheet/pipe etc…

They look pretty cool, I would be interested in a different design like one of these.
Marty, whereabouts in Vic are you located ?

I’m in the Greensborough area. Where are you?

Ahh, cool. Not too far from me. Rather not publish my exact location on here though !
Can PM me if you like, would be good to perhaps catch up in person one day.

Oh that’s great. Sent you a pm

#1 and #4 are sex. Keep us posted with how the design, cut-up and print go, because I’m looking to do this with my pistol gearbox from out of a hopper-fed Deagle.

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