Blaster not shooting

Purchased these ‘Glow in the dark’ milkys’ loaded them up in my J10 but they will not shoot…?

Says they are 7-8mm has anyone had problem with these milkys?

They look like regular warinterest glow gels. I’ve used their heavy milkies but not the glow ones.

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Have you measured them to see they haven’t given you the wrong size? I think you need one of these…

Other than that, check mag connections, the mag motor is running and the pick up tube from the mag motor to the T piece is clear.

The J10 mags pull apart for cleaning :+1:

I had to buy the special mag for my hk for the balls to actually glow but I can still shoot them with my acr. They dont glow though.

Thanks for sharing the information.

I got one for Christmas and I’ll shoot about ten balls within quick succession and then I’ll have a jam. Is there a way for me to prevent the jamming in the first place.

This sounds like inconsistent gel size

If you are using the generic pack that comes with new blasters…tip them out into the garden. It’s about all they are good for.