Blaster stopped firing out of not where

so my cp ak74ms stopped working all of a sudden when firing. I just charged the battery beforehand. im not sure if anyone could help but anything would be good :slight_smile: :grin:

Check the battery terminals they are soft and flimsy most times. I.e. wiggle the connection while the trigger is pulled. That is if nothing is happening. If something is happening describe that completely, noises, smells, sounds you know.


Also check that one of the motor connectors haven’t come loose


I checked that and still nothing

there are no smells or noises. i tried wiggling the terminals but still nothing :frowning:

Did it stop while using it or directly after charging battery?
Try a different battery?
Test battery with a multi meter!
Or as Rattler said check motor connections


And if that don’t work for you, wait till it’s real quiet late at night and TEAR IT DOWN. but the secret is not to swear directly at or to the gel blaster they have impressive memories much like an elephant does. P. S. Don’t forget to get your lube out. These guys will recommend some good ones for you.


i charged it fully then ran a mag through it and it just stopped

check the battery check motor connections

if that doesn’t work your motor may have had a short circuit and died

Try tap the battery directly into the motor see if it runs, if not then problem established.

If it does, at least that one thing eliminated o.o