Blaster storage

I’m sure some of you guys have some crazy display setups, post some pictures
I had some free time today and started on my own display


nice bro love the mask. did u do the custom paints with airbrush or cans

Exquisite job on the weathering and dry brushing @Hiroshima_screamer :+1:t2:

All done with rattle cans👍🏽

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WHAT………nice​:sunglasses: job. please tell me you were using the good shit like Montana or Ironbark. because if that done from squirts or good old export cans then I’m very impressed. not that I’m not already impressed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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a the middle one isn’t completed. (gellballmod shipping) I haven’t made a display yet as It will need to be anti theft lol or the kids will get to them…and YEP that monster can is real…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: it’s taken12months to drink it halfway lol. and just serviced them so cbf putting attachments back on until needed


Hiya Mr Milkman!
Your left handed?

what no way how did u know that I am

did the tip tinner location give it away???

Lol. Everything gave it away really mate.

I am a lefty too :wink:

“In more ways thatn one Brother!” LOL

yer but I can’t work out how U knew shit U must have crazy attention to detail

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Maybe he is psycho… psycho… er, psychic :wink:

:thinking: maybe…maybe. but no offence but obviously he must be a psychic. how else wouldhe have known. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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He might have a hidden camera in your workshop somewhere? :sweat_smile:

Right side mag prime on the scar

WoW, I haven’t seen an ash tray for ages, Nice…

Blasters all pointing to the right as if a lefty is about to pick them up.
Drinks on left side of desk.
Vice set up for a left hander.
writing on pew pew sign leans the way a lefty would do it.

This leads to your possible Spanish heritage.
So therefor you are possibly a very passionate person who may tend to rush into things.
That may be the reason you had to re write the “pew pew” sign…



lol I’f wasn’t a scrambler/ signal jammer in my garage I would of believed that lol

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holy fcuking s**t get out my head :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: damn your good


sorry bro but the mag primer was stock on the right side