Blasters now illegal to possess in QLD?!

just saw this update on the gelblaster association inc page…


I scared and don’t know what this means for all of Australia that loves blasting. Worried and sad face.

in the most extreme case…
it might get to the point where it’s gonna be easier to get the real thing from the street than getting a toy from a toy shop

(╯°□°)╯︵( .o.)

see how it go anyway…

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I saw something recently that said a.r.'s are around $34000 on the black market here for the equivelant of a $1000 in the u.s.a.
So… gen 8s could go for like 5 grand lol

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wow… this is insane.

What I’m worried about is the requirement of being a paid member of an association and storage requirements. For example does my 10yo son need to be a member to play in our backyard with any visiting mates who might want to borrow my blaster to play with him? Do they need to be members? Hopefully it doesn’t go the way of H class where you have to have a licence and also show a minimum number of attendances to prove you have a reason to own a blaster.

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Damn, just as I was getting into it. So now I need to own an ACTUAL firearms licence?

According to the minister at the end of this video it sounds like your son playing in his backyard with it counts as a reasonable excuse for having one. However your backyard must not be visible from public as that is specified in the law (public areas or areas within view of public cannot be used).

There’s also safe storage requirements which I need more info on, but I’m sure retailers will stock some form of container that meets the requirements. If membership is required then retailers will give out free membership cards with each purchase. It’s within retailers best interests to make buying blasters as easy as possible or sales will suffer.

Video here:

“As long as your child is using the gel blaster responsibly in a reasonable manner you have nothing to worry about” minister at the end.

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Still sounds like its not overly restrictive (granted we’re going to grumble about any regulation but that’s just modern policing/politics - you have to go after the lowest hanging fruit rather than actually tackling real community issues). Would be worthwhile to hear the new policies from retailers rather than us freaking out on every word from the journos and the statutes.

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no not a fire arms licence, you just need like a membership card from a gel ball field or something along those lines as far as I understand.

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The issue however is that this becomes a slippery slope situation, where its one step at a time until nation-wide bans are in place.

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You’re not wrong - but it could also be a knee jerk affect and that’s as far as they’ll go.
I remember the inside story of the lockout laws in QLD when Beattie was in power - long story short the bars and nightclubs owners went into the meeting completely disrespecting the premiers (language and attitude) and at the end of the meeting Beattie just went out the door and told the his aides to f**k them and proceed with the laws.
So the best way we can proceed forward is to be calm and civil - remember most things in Australia is not a right but a privilege.


I definitely agree that people need to approach this with calm and civility, however I definitely see this as a move towards an inevitable nation-wide ban, the majority of other states have them banned, no other states are repealing bans, and the states which dont have them banned are only tightening restrictions, not repealing them… the sad reality is that at this point it seems like our hobby has an expiry date :frowning:

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It’s quite a bit simpler for me

This is a “government” body who are running rough shod over the population they claim to and are legally bound to represent

In secret, deceitful and in delinquent to actual matters that require their time.

There is nothing about this that comes close to representative democratic activity


One single cigarette lighter is more dangerous than a shipping container full of gel blasters
We still see cigarette lighters in nearly every shop on the planet
I’d be more worried about a child with a lighter than a child with a gel blaster.
Fuckin fun police at it again :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


If you haven’t already read it, this was the previous presentation that was provided by QPS WLB to the Gel Blaster industry group representatives earlier this year. It provides some additional context and insight regarding the recent changes.

So being a member of a club isn’t required. You could just be a kid wanting to play with it in your backyard. A court would consider that a reasonable excuse for having one.

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Not necessarily mate, is it reasonable for a 10 year old kid to play with an item that looks exactly like a real Glock? There are many out there that would say No to that one. We don’t get to interpret the laws to our liking based on our own bias. A court could view things very differently.

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It does say “average person, given the ethical and moral standards of the community.”

Though our community is taught that black scary toys are the enemy so I guess free membership cards with every blaster will soon be a thing.

This is the approach the government should of taken regarding a soft years ago.