BLG M-16 - Thoughts?

G’day all,

Looking for a full-size M-16 blaster and have come across the BLG version on eBay. Gen 8 gearbox, visually looks like a reasonable unit. Has anyone had experience with these, good or bad? Wouldn’t be likely to mod less maybe the gearbox.

Appreciate any thoughts on these units. Cheers,



I am pretty sure that this blaster is all ABS plastic whereas the newer gen8’s 9’s etc etc are a hybrid with some parts plastic and some parts nylon or alloy even. Some newer are all nylon some all alloy. It boils down to the price. The M16 looks really really great but when you pick it up you can tell immediately that it is VERY light. At $115 you cant grumble though. I am waiting for Tac Edge to get more in stock then for them to have a 30 percent off sale. Then it will be $80.50!

Basically get it. You can add weight to it easily when you pull it apart.

Good luck.


Thanks mate- good info!

If you want something a little sturdier (and have a bigger budget) you can grab a Gen 9 and these replacement bits…

Disclaimer - I am not affiliated with, or employed by any vendors, I had this idea myself


The BLG is basically a Gen 8 knock-off with different furniture. Underwhelming in almost every way.

The linked A2 handguard and buttstock on a Gen 9 are a much better option - weight, feel, size… though I still need a slightly longer outer barrel (and blackout kit) on mine.

Pretty sure you can get A1 style handguards if that’s the look you’re after too.

Honestly, the only good thing about the BLG is the stock - it’s a cheap and easy way to dress up Gen 8 builds. You can pick the stock up for just over $5 these days, so I have a few.


Mate, your Gen.9/M16A2 Looks amazing - so amazing in fact, that I made the tactical blue of showing the missus and my daughter; now they both want one each as well…

Oh this is going to get expensive Sigh!

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Thanks for the input- will save my money by the looks of it and see what else comes along

I bought one to upgrade. Got a whole gen gearbox shell. Metal gears. Plunger nozzle o-rings… everything for 130 from fleabay. Now that one is one of the hardest hardest hitting blasters I got lol. But sprays them about a bit.

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Would a longer inner barrel help? It looks like it comes with the carbine length in the lot

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Not sure. I noticed the end flexed a bit. Put a suppressor on the end which gives more weight and maybe more stable. Testing tomorrow :sunglasses::+1:

Any luck with the testing?

Oh sorry I forgot to reply.

The suppressor on the end made zero diff. Maybe a hopup would but I also want to revisit all air seals too. Still fun as hell :sunglasses::+1:


So the BLG M16 buttstock fits a Gen 8 M4?

Can it be that easy? :joy:

@Gels Where did you find those BLG buttstocks, matey? I can’t seem to find them on AliExpress or the Zhenduo webpage… only the items you linked to for the Gen 9.

Yeah, the BLG receiver uses Gen 8 connectors for the handguard and stock

Hawkex have them going super cheap for some reason - I’m not complaining…


Ah, that’s the shiz… awesome. Might have to get more than one of those, they’re under $6! :+1:

I dunno, I just have a hankering to build an effective and cooler than BLG M16 so I can sit in my backyard and shoot gels at cardboard cutouts of Charlie Sheen & Willem Defoe while listening “Sympathy For The Devil”… :joy::joy:


I got one to upgrade. Bought a full gen 8 upgrade kit that came with everything. Gear box shell. Alloy barrel. Motor. Piston and cylinder and nozzle all double o-ring including the nozzle. Metal ladder on the plunger too… metal gears amd stronger return spring with tapper plate and stronger anti reverse spring. All for 130 from memory. I also added some weights to the rear stock as it was easy to pull apart and added a suppressor. The things a weapon now :sunglasses::+1:

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Yeah, think buying a complete BLG and swapping the receiver out might be the way to go. I’ve got a Gen 8.5 anyway, swap and go depending on whether you want the M16 retro look or M4A1 modern tactical.

My thinking is that the original ArmaLite AR-15s from the 60s were made with plastic butts and foregrips anyway… the BLG foregrip and buttstock IMO gives you the closest copy of the original.

Which leaves me with a Gen 8ish receiver to hack about and make something else out of… hmmmm