Blow out, 3DG lipo fizz out

Hi 3DG fans , will my 3DG sh…t it’s self , one lipo battery got hot and failed , number 2 lipo battery stopped working, got hot in magazine, and fizzed out in a puff of smoke , all most sh…t my self , well That’s the end of my 3DG, I checked for shorts couldn’t find any , a shame , I liked it😥, now my p1 will arrive soon up grade , metal slide ext , ext , much easier to fix if any problems, .

Yikes, you were lucky

You could consider running an external battery attached to the pic rail

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Tried that , the motor smoked out almost fried my 11.7 lipo, that’s it

how many volts is the motor and battery?

3DG motor , 11. 4 lipo , tried a 11.7 , off one of my blasters , all most smoked that too,

Sounds like your motor may be the issue

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isnt that an ■■■■■■■ battery? ive heard people say those thing will burn a hole in your Blaster if you dont capacitate them properly. It sounds like your Motor is drawing too much voltage from the battery, hence the smoking, and things blowing up. The ideal setup is too have a battery that matches your motor voltage so if you wanted to run a 11.7v battery you would need a motor that is rated at 11.7v and thicker wires so they can carry that current through without melting . And im pretty sure that 3DG motor wouldnt be rated for those kind of higher voltage batterys, so its just getting fried like an egg :joy: you would be kinder to your ■■■(and your wallet :rofl:) to just use the standard 7.4v batterys. Or else spend the extra money for a better motor.

Idk could be wrong but and its something else entirely. Oh well hope it helped anyway

I did use the 11.4 on my 3DG, which smoked and fizzed out part melted the magazine might be a short some where, the 11.7 was a try out one see ?.

yes as i said the battery is too powerful. so what im saying, is tht the battery is the problem

Could be , I’ll test the wiring tomorrow, I’ve a New battery turning up this week the original battery got hot and wouldn’t charge , the other one I was using go hot popped the magazine out started to smoke and fizz almost melted the magazine.

try a normal 11.1v battery. that should work okay i reckon

I will , I think I was doing my checks wrong [ a better way instead of wrecking battery’s]:wink:

wait what are you testing im confused? are you testing the wires by frying with powerful batteries is that what you mean? cause thats not a good idea :joy:

Sorry to hear that mate.
For a high torque 370 running on 11.4, the wires used are relatively lightweight and crammed into some pretty tight areas.
The mosfets used are borderline as well. I’ve had 4 or 5 of them go, a couple were quite spectacular.
Things like this need complete strip and rewire as the fault will keep cascading.
Good 370s are easily available and cheap.
The batteries used are custom for this blaster and pretty good quality.
I’ve experimented with other 11v lipos and batteries ain’t batteries.

Do let me know how you go.

On the bright note, gas blasters don’t rely on high torque/high current and in most designs, not even a battery so you can look forward to not having these issues with your newer toy.
We live and learn. :sunglasses:

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Thanks cruise , Iam going to do a continuity test on the wires m ight be a short or the lipo battery’s we’re rooted . We shall see