Bolt catch mods

Anyone know if there is a bolt catch mod for any m4 blasters I would like to add that extra bit of realism to my blasters

From memory there is a “blow back” plate mod,
But never seen anything that has thr bolt locking effect

The APS blasters have a bolt catch so you can manually lock it open I think? Like the ones Azrael’s armoury sells.

But it doesn’t do anything…

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so it lock the charge arm back O_o?
interesting… have you got a link to it?

after reading this post i was thinking if there is a way to allow the piston to be lock in a pulled back position, even just half way, and then hook the bolt releasing button on the side or the forward assist to the anti reverse latch to release the piston forward…
that should be able to imitate the bolt dropping effect of a real rifle O_O??

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Rather than the piston, being able to pull the tappet plate back to move the nozzle out of battery would be the most arguably useful.

To my knowledge, the APS ones just lock the faux bolt back - this part also reciprocates when the blaster is firing. Until you disable it because it is more mass moving around to cause more problems (or so I’ve heard)

Also, the upcoming Kublai K5 seems to have a similar mechanism:

Kublai K5 promo video

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arh the blow back cover looking thing
that was what i was talking about on my first reply

Yes the APS box with blowback plate has a bolt release function. Just locks the plate back, hit bolt release button, releases the plate. More stuff to go wrong.

this plate thing O_O?

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The blow back is stupid and didn’t come enabled on my aps blasters, you can enable it if you want, it would definitely be a wear area.
The bolt catch doesn’t cause any issues but it something that’s cool the first time you use but after that you forget it’s even there.

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Yeah, that plate thing. You can see the catch, that little lever screwed into the chassis below the plate. The bolt catch has an arm that hooks into the hole in the lever, IIRC

Yea it looks likely to fail. I’m about to setup an APS soon when I get more bits and time. I’ve been taking notes. Might have to msg you on a few things as you seem to be one that’s had success. Probly will do a thread in tech or something. Sry for sidetracking.
At first as you say it looks like fun, but that’ll wear off on me in about 1m. Think I’ll delete it for starters.