Bore up kit yay or nay?

Has any one here used a bore up kit and if so what where the results like? I know they’re meant for longer barrels but I reckon they would b good for our blasters being that the volume of a say 7.5 Id x 40cm is about the same volume of a 60cm x 6.05 airsoft barrel.

I wouldn’t feel inclined to try and make the cylinder larger myself, mainly because our poor little gels can only travel so fast without distorting, further reducing accuracy… so rather than boring up, I think just getting the air section as efficient as possible with a cylinder of the size that is readily available

By choosing the correct cylinder (good quality, smooth as inside, without port if barrel over about 15cm) and have a good quality piston/plunger/cylinder head/nozzle/ nozzle seal and piston seal with appropriate lube… pushing gels of consistent size (for the barrel being used)… this should make a blaster that can shoot as accurately as a gel blaster can.

One issue trying to force more air thru the 8mm or so nozzle, is that, at a high rate of speed (which most people are chasing)… the spring may not have enough time to push the piston right the way down so the piston stops not quite ‘home’ and the ladder gets caught mid stroke somewhere as the gear tries to mesh (breaking things)

I think that adding a bigger volume cylinder, a port would have to be added, to reduce the volume to what the system can use… so, it would be a pointless exercise…:woozy_face:

Going for a dmr type build only running 18/1 gears with a torque motor. After aoe correction with a full cylinder and a 45cm barrel my volume ratio is around 1.2 to one. Might just get one see how it goes if it works then hell’s yeah if not its time to shorten the barrel I guess

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I love engineers like you guys.
Once you work it out let me know.
I work by trial and error and a lot of wasted parts.
Gel blasters have so many more unknown variables than airsoft because of the variables of the gel balls, so mathematics doesn’t always work.
Get on the battle field and see what works best against your “enemy”.
I t is so much fun. No good having the fastest blaster in the cupboard.

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Wasted parts don’t I know about them :triumph:. Its a good excuse to build another blaster but my next one will be a older gen Aug that I was recently gifted. Plans are a gen 8 box, alloy barrel, 13/1s, 3s lipo, short stroked. I want a gel ball hose :joy:

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Made a, 30mm piston and cylinder,
Adapted to old gen 8.
Annswer ya or na.
I’d say na.

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