Bought the wrong cylinder head + nozzle =.=

FB head and nozzle…
And realised now the nozzle won’t work on j9 because the nozzle is shorter,
and it won’t work with gen9 tappet plate :sweat:

Is there a nozzle on the market that will work with the thinner nozzle tubed FB head,
but also work with gen9 tappet plate :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:?

There was up until a few months ago when I bought the remaining stock :rofl:


yah just saw that but sold out,
been check all the australia shops, but no one seems to have one so far

gonna pay shipping may as well just get the proper one.


i need that FB metalic blue for my gen9 :sweat_smile:

ah thats right. Don’t buy anything yet i will see what i got at home. Update in morning


It’s ok sir :sweat_smile:
If nothing else will work I will jist buy a proper gen9 set off ebay or something (think I saw some light blue ones on there)

Where is that store based? In aus?

yes. Know your pain with mismatch parts. Hell, even when you get right parts they don’t fit either lol.

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wait what XD???
even right parts might no fit = .=?!

just wanna confirm, gen 8 and gen 9 nozzle are the same length yes = .=???

Yes fits gen8 ,9, and 10

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got nothing in blue for j9 and no hybrid nozzle

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All good boss ^^
Ordered a hybrid one on aliexpress.
No sure if the border closing gonna effect it from arriving tho =.=

Yeah… the Gen 8 upgrade kit I got is all colour matched but the upgrade cylinder seems to be slightly thicker than the stock one.

So the ejection port cover doesn’t open when the primer’s pulled back… release it quickly and let it snap back and the shock of it hitting home releases the latch. Being a Gen 8 with no mag prime, it’s moot anyway. I just don’t use it.

Not all upgrade parts are the same size as stock… even though you’d think they would be.


I was at M4a1 today and they now have in stock 6mm to gen8/9 nozzles $12.50
Only problem for you is I only saw red colour :+1:

yah but they don’t ship outsite QLD

i have actually been spending the pass hour browsing aus stores and no one else seems to have it lol,
because i realised i ordered the wrong nozzle for the ACR too…
and that the one piece cylinder also uses Ver2 nozzle = .=

this means i will have 2 of those FB ver2 nozzle spare (one i got now, one on the way),
if anyone needs one let me know

you actually replied about this in one of my early post didn’t you = .=…
should have double checked all you guys’ replies… orz…

What ? Are you telling me there are other states besides QLD ?


ofcoz there is, or it wouldn’t be called a “state” XD