Brain explosion

So I was bored today and decided to give the M249 Saw V3’s Gbox a spruce up. So I pulled her down and done a clean swap for a Gen 8 Nylon Box with a 1.25 spring new Cylinder Head etc etc. I thought bugger it I’ll change the barrel out as well for a alloy one. So I grab the barrel a new T piece fitted everything up. Loaded the gels up pulled the trigger and nothing out of the barrel, weird noises . So I pulled it apart a heap of mashed up gels in the body I was etc. Pulled the barrel back out had a look a gel jammed in the barrel. I was dumbfounded. I thought have a break before I loose it, so I sat at my computer and noticed a barrel sitting next to the keyboard. Bloody dickhead I am I grabbed the alloy tight bore not the 7.5 mm apparently 7.5 gels don’t like a 7.0 mm barrels :rofl: Looks like she be getting the smaller Gold Milkies from now on :joy:


Lol , glad I am not the only one who ducks up :rofl:

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