Bring on the Shark and XTP

TEH preorders are saying mid to late June ?


TEH and Azraels should be part of the same shipment since Azraels buys stock from them.

Gilly in live stream confirmed 10 June again today

like a lot of preorders any left overs gonna be sold cheaper for eofy probably

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Hi Guys, Pistols have arrived and are in process to get customs cleared. We will get them out a soon as possible. The ship was delayed a couple of days and we were supposed to get the container by Wednesday. Looks like a delay of a couple more days.

If you call our shops and abuse our staff we WILL cancel your order. No questions asked.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, if you guys can’t understand that there is shipping delays at the moment then we are happy to refund your money.

Please be patient, all pre-orders will be shipped out to you guys as soon as possible.


Damn who is abusing them that sucks. Hopefully i can pick myne up by saturday i have a game on and it would be awesome to use it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is this for the XTP pistols or the other ones as well?

The XTP (APS) ones.

CEH vid earlier said the co2 are now due to land in Australia end of the month then however long customs take. They also said the green gas are a few days behind that


Azrael pistols have cleared customs. Available for pickup on Sunday at their new store at arundel.


Gilly said on a live stream today that he is hoping for friday to get them instore at tac edge :+1:t3:

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I’m scheduled for pickup on Sunday :wink:


Getting mine delivered so hopefully doesn’t sit at redbank AusPost for a week like everything else lately

I hate waiting for the You order has now shipped email :frowning:

Honestly a little annoyed that I have to wait on shipping by one of the suppliers and it will be available for people to walk in an buy sooner that’s not usually how preorder works.

I think in this case pre-order means you’re guaranteed to get the one you want.


notice tacedge have removed them from there web site

not there any more
guess they will add them when they get in store maybe

maybe if you ask him he will let you collect your pre order on sunday if they have not already shipped them

cant hurt to message him i guess

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I wonder if we will ever get like CZ and other SIG :confused:

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Itching for you lot to get yours so I can hear of all the bugs and decide which way and when to jump

I’m still jonsing for the m92 but not a c02 model

I have the APS Shark on order so keen to see how it goes :grin: