Bring on the Shark and XTP

And the lesson here is… Don’t do Pre-orders… You’re funding the company to buy their stock interest free, and getting screwed over as thanks.

They have given me a new tracking number. Interesting thing is that I had two orders, and one was a hopup that due to issues with design only got shipped yesterday.
If the blaster and hopup come in the same shipment, then that will prove that they lied about shipping the blasters a few weeks ago.
I understand that problems can arise, however when people choose lies over the truth, then that really pisses me off.
Especially when we pre-ordered and then they gave preference and sold blasters to walk ins off the street.
They could have delayed the opening of their showroom a week. Looked after the loyal customers that had looked after them.
If it turns out to be true that they screwed people over, that puts them on the same morality level as TAC Toys.

If it turns out they screwed us over, we should be compensated. It’s actually illegal too.

I think $80 refund or free extra magazine.

I even referred a few people to buy one which they did and could have used my referral bonus for a discount if I had waited a few days to order.

There are going to be a lot of one star reviews if this isn’t made good.


Very well said ! I agree 100% :+1:


Perfect rant and really triggers me.

The problem with pre-orders is def this “pay in full up front” BS. Seriously they have no reason after that to get those orders out fast. Oh I know, there’s all these reasons why “it’s not their fault” And all the fanbois will back em “hey you’ve waited this long what’s another week”. Let me tell you, if they took maybe a 20-30% NRD on pre-orders, like they should, and the rest when the items are ready to ship, they’d iron out these issues quick smart and not d$*k around for days… weeks…

I’m so sick and tired of the way these companies treat us customers like they are doing us favours, even for the simplest of s$&t like trying to order a basic part.

Do they not realise there are a stupid number of gel blaster shops popping up and they should be more interested in customer loyalty than showing off cool stuff they can’t even sell?

We don’t want websites that show all the s$&t that’s out of stock… or that show items in stock, that aren’t…

We don’t want to see what someone in SA just bought.

We know that your was/is pricing is BS.

We don’t want to order one thing and get another then get treated like an idiot for trying to get the issue rectified.

We don’t go to a gel blaster shop to see all the coolest stuff… that isn’t for sale. If I want that experience I’ll go to a museum.

Seriously, there are some better than others but when the first run hype of this hobby wears off most of these businesses will pass into the ether and wonder why. I’ll tell you why, it’s cause none of them I’ve dealt with seem to understand the concept of how important customers are but instead think that showing off to customers is what makes a solid business. Nope, that just creates a very small base of fanbois that def won’t keep your business afloat down the track.

Admittedly, I’ve only dealt with about 7 different stores, there’s about 52 others local to me so will keep trying until I find one that actually cares and puts the customer first :joy::joy:

So sorry bout the rant guys.


Im also in the same boat. I’ve been waiting since the 16th and 18th. I’ve heard nothing back at all today. Its become ridiculous. Hope Brent reads these comments and contacts us. There’s still a tiny bit of time to make things right for us. But not much. Just send new ones already and if the other orders do come I will pay for them or send them back. The forum people getting these issues are honourable.

Am I the foolish one that has made other orders from them since and haven’t even recieved my big orders?

A happy customer will refer 10’s of people
An unhappy customer will deter 100’s

If Australia post screwed up or the blasters were not all dropped off, doesn’t change the fact:
They did a big opening and sold the same blasters that were pre-ordered to get new sales and customers and only a week later shipped (or pretended to ship) to the preorder customers.

How they deal with that determines if they go on my list of companies like Zhenduo who I actively promote because when they screw up they make good

Or do they go on my list of companies like TacToys that I warn everyone against buying from because they don’t care about screwing people over and avoid fixing mistakes.

I don’t care if people screw up. Everyone screws up, especially me. What matters is what you do about it.

And store credits or discounts off your next purchase is the bullshit way to say sorry because it requires you spending more money with them to use the compensation. A proper apology is to offer a gift or credit and say sorry, and I hope you do choose to buy from us in the future.

That’s why I suggest it’s a bonus magazine. Something useful and of value. It’s only about $40 cost to them but a high value item for the customer.

(yeah, I was business coach in the past and I know what works for business owners and what pisses off customers)

@Deathnote128 yeah I’ve done the same, made more purchases and referred at least one more paying customer… But like I said that might end!


@Arty_Marty Well said. Its clear what are thoughts all are. Now is the time for a response.

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New items on Azraels. 2 stage Base cap for mag and new spring ect. Made a order while waiting for previous orders to be fixed.

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I just placed a new order near $500. And still hoping for a update on previous orders. Good customer. I think so. Im putting alot of faith in Azraels to make things whole for me and other customers.


Kind of happy I didn’t per order now :anguished:


After talking with Brent tonight. I’ve got movement on my 2 older orders. Let you guys know the news as it happens. Its Redbank now.


If you want the two stage magazine end caps, a cheaper place to get them (and they are in stock)

They also have the valve keys:

And o-rings:

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Would seem that shipping elsewhere to sort is coating more time as compared to simple backlog


Were we not the ones that pestered Brent for a pre order in the first place much to his not wanting to do so, if I recall correctly. Call me what you like, maybe my memory is wrong, should be here somewhere on the forum. He’s already said never again for pre order.


Should keep doing pre order, but for pick up in shop only

Wasnt that tactical edge?

Gotta disagree with that comment. Alot of us paid for the service and gave money months ago. Some people are not close enough drive to the store.


This was the thread and no one pestered him , he has done pre orders since the APS blasters came out

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Yep thats the one, been awhile memory bit hazy after all this EOFY bookwork :woozy_face:

Still a lot wanted pre order :+1:


But not in Australia. Only problem. Took me two months to get a box of cereal from America for a friend. Lol

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It’s taken you nearly that long to get a blaster that is in stock in Australia :no_mouth: