Bruisemaster advice line

Opening up this new topic to give advice on any Gel Blaster related issues you are completely stuck on.
My time is limited so please don’t ask as your first option.
Obviously I specialize in delivery systems from Tpiece forward but I know a little bit about the rest of the blaster too.
If you wouldn’t mind leaving the responses on this thread to me so as not to have to sort through endless pages and to keep things streamlined I would appreciate it.
PM me if it’s not your question but you feel you have something important to add I might have missed.
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Nice little incentive Sam.
I have one already, may have to get another.

Hi, @Bruisemaster.
I’d like to replace the original Azrael MPX barrel with a Gold Bruisemaster barrel.
Is this possible? What length would it be?
Any other advice from fellow forum members is much appreciated. Cheers.:wink::+1:

The stock barrel is 130mm and they use a gen9 t piece.
The stock barrel is held in by grub screws and has o rings.
Bruisemaster could supply the barrel and t piece ready to fit or you could fit any barrel yourself in minutes .

Cheers, @Rattler.
I’m counting the days down until I receive my MPX. I’ve a few ideas in mind for it.

Like this maybe :grin:


Stop flaunting your wares, now what do I need to buy? What mag is that?
Let me guess a Johnny wang special :grinning:

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You know it and the sexy iron sights too :sunglasses:

I saw them sexy sights and the sexy box they came in :yum:

If by box you mean clip seal bag than yes :rofl:

It seems like Rattler is all over this one, thank you.

A couple of things about replacing barrels;

  • the original t-piece can often be used with the new barrel. If the original barrel is plastic and glued in, soak the t-piece in some boiling water for about a minute then remove the plastic barrel from it. The barrel usually deforms quite severely in the process and will be unusable afterwards. Take appropriate care not to burn yourself or elbow your sister in the head when it breaks free.

  • consider what hop up you will be using BEFORE you order your barrel. As barrel mounted hop ups tend to be more efficient an extra 20mm longer than the standard length gives you the necessary bit beyond the outer barrel to mount to.

*make certain that the barrel is inserted into the tpiece as far as it can go.

I use a hot glue ■■■ to secure barrels when necessary as it provides a good seal and can still be separated. To do this properly you should heat the breach of the barrel prior to applying the hot glue. This gives you the much needed time to insert the barrel into the tpiece and twirl it to evenly spread the glue before it cools and sets.


The mpx barrel is Stainless steel it is only held in with two grub screws and not glued and not a tight fit so it can be removed in seconds the a new one can be epoxied in and job finished in 5mins :+1:

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Why would you not buy a new t-piece compared to the price of your barrels, makes no sense?


Just about to order my bruisemaster,

What is considered to be one of the best barrel mounted hop up’s you can buy for the bruisemaster?
Is it a rizer v2?


bit like spending enough money on a blaster that a real firearm would cost and putting a $20 sling and cheap swivels on it.

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Sometimes folks don’t organize a tpiece or can’t wait for one to arrive. The original barrel and tpiece will possibly never get reused so if you can salvage the tpiece you might as well.

Howdy, are you still operating with the restrictions and if so what cylinder head is the nozzle made for in the mk m4/ar/416 adapter set? assuming be for wells.

I’ve tried getting onto them. No luck yet…:man_shrugging:

Give Rowan at RPM Tech Shop a call. He regularly speaks to bruisemaster. And he knows his shit too so you might get the answer straight away.

Got a message on facebook. They are moving premises and will take another week but are still taking orders.

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