Bruisemaster barrel with glow gels

hi guys have any of you run any type of glow gel with a bruisemaster with success? Will be getting a bruisey soon in the mail and ussually run glow mags in my night games.

You could. But as with any gels in a bruisemaster (excluding aka and ultras) you need to control grow your gels And make sure your barrel is clean inside or you’ll have a very nice looking chaff launcher :joy: (I think from memory you want about 7.0 for a good shot but I could be embellishing the number there. 7.1 gels in my 7.2 barrel would chaff everything fired.)

Honestly I wasn’t overly impressed with the bruisemaster. Their amazing barrels. But anything under 7.3 is just too much hassle for me. 7.3 runs anything (my BM is a 7.2 ID) you want pretty damn well. Everything had to be near perfect for my BM to work right. Granted. It did add 15-20fps on my gen 9 so there’s that.

But yes. Providing you control your factors glows should work fine.

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Great reply thanks mate! Don’t mind control growing so won’t be any issue for the off times i use glows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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