Budget blasters (kinda comp)

I have an idea for a cheap blaster that is able to perform well for a first blaster but I would like to hear your opinions and ideas

Only rules is that you cannot use any of your own parts such as shims to reduce the price. Shipping cost must be included if you cannot find make sure you over compensate.

Personally I was thinking an
M249 $153 Ebay free shipping

Enhanced tapet spring $1.43
Green O ring $1.47
40cm barrel $4.26 (7.5id probs cut down)
1.3 unequal spring $5
Metal head + nozzle $11
11.1 lipo $15.12
Hop up $5.17
Metal gears $10.61
Shims $3.59
Aprox shipping < $20

Total = 230.65

This blaster is no means an amaizng blaster its a budget build let’s see what yous can come up with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, I wish I could find those prices when I did my last one (e.g. gears, lipo, etc were double that price)

I’ll just let you do it for me next time :yum:
(Did you count the cylinder too?)

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yeah, I paid almost 3x the prices (from ebay) for the upgrades and I am a cheap rrr’s barstool… I will put a list of what I paid later, when I get home from the range…

I would say get the blaster and get one of these kits when they are back in stock… or from another seller. I doubt you will accumulate all the parts cheaper. You left out nylon cases, cylinder, bearings and spring guide.

These are the cheapest parts at gelbalmod the gears are cheap metal

This build isn’t spose to be a gearbox replacement it’s just a the minimum I belive that you could use for a little bit probably if your lucky a month

If you can get those prices, go for it. Will end up a good blaster :+1:

Figured the original cylinder would be ok for a little bit

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