Buffer tube bolt and spring retainer

I’ve bought metal spring retainers for my ACR and HK but can’t get the buffer tube bolt to screw all the way into the retainer. Am I missing something really basic or do I need a shorter bolt. I’ve upgraded both blasters with all the goodies but these retainers have got me stumped. Any help would be much appreciated.

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I had a similar issue with my JJ SLR and it turned out I needed to cut an inch off the retainer bolt.

My spring guide at the time didn’t have an external thread to accept the buffer tube bolt

Cheers @zeHamish. On my v2 retainer the bolt only goes in 10mm. If I look down the tip of the retainer I can see a smaller diameter metal tube inside which i think goes most of the way up hence the 10mm.

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Then all you need to do is remove some excess and you’re good to go pew pew

I always thought the screw in the retainer was just to help put the retainer in place, then remove the screw? Like a handle for the spring guidedizzy

So the bolt doesn’t have to go all the way down the retainer? 10mm doesn’t seem enough to keep the retainer secure inside the box. Cheers for the quick reply.

You’re both right

But to long is to long

Thanks for the help. I’ll cut it down

Measure twice

Measure again

Cut once

But if you do balls it up they are usually M5 threads

Will do. Thanks mate👍

So, what does the bolt actually do? noidea

Holds your buffer tube onto the receiver

Threaded into the spring guide, adds stability to the compression system

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I mean the bolt/screw that comes with the spring guide like in Gameface’s pic der Flipper


thats his buffer tube retainer bolt

Why do you get a new buffer tube bolt with every spring retainer? Every spring retainer I have bought came with that bolt/screw?

not so on this end…i’ve only gotten them with the xpower buffer tubes.

i have one of those exact spring retainers in my akm too…didn’t come with a bolt.

Yes, but why would you order a spring retainer and they send you a buffer tube bolt with it? If you order a buffer tube bolt, does it come with a spring retainer too?

I have always just screwed that bolt into the spring guide, then used it as a handle to put the spring guide in the box, then unscrewed the bolt out of the spring guide. I have about 7 of them laying around.

They are about twice as long as my buffer tube bolts… The sellers of the spring guides must think these bolts are needed for the spring guide? Here is the spring guides I bought that came with that bolt…

thats really interesting and its a conclusion i’d arrived at also with the M115

i have a 5c piece on the outside of the box and an m5 through it into the spring guide to ensure it stays straight.

on my JJ SLR i do this with the buffer tube bolt.

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I even asked the seller what the bolt was for… but the seller doesn’t even know what the spring guide is for, let alone what the bolt is for head

The sellers are all drop shippers anyway… they have no clue what a gel blaster is…killa


Yea .I hear ya…

Somedays I wonder how some sellers manage to breathe and use a keyboard

I AM the problem though…I hold unrealistic expectations that brain cells reside within most heads

My bad

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