Buffer tube bolt and spring retainer

It’s so you have the right thread for the bolt.
No point the buffer tube sellers sending you 15 different bolts with each buffer tube so you can match the thread on the retainer…

That is simply far too sensible an idea

But I guess more realistic than expecting everyone to adhere and agree to standards

But I bought a spring retainer… there is no mention of buffer tube bolts? If I wanted a buffer tube bolt, I would go to bunnings or Porters or another fastener shop?

Here is two Gen 9 guides and a Gen 8… the 9’s come with the bolt… the 8 has the tapped holes, but no bolt?

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After working in IT for years, I’ve come to learn the only standard is “no fucking standard”

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That’s not entirely correct @Arty_Marty

Let’s face it…standards exist, we agree they are needed

But the HP, Dell and Samsungs “fix” perceived ahortfallings of the standards making their implementation total crap

Bluetooth opp anyone?

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You forgot Apple…

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Apple is off on its own tangent IMO

I’m sure they are a standard as a challenge to developed something entirely different for sNG

where has the convo gone??? it’s was here just a few posts ago :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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So this bolt isnt needed if I have an acrj10?

No you won’t need it :+1::grinning:

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Cheers for that