Building a Blaster?

I’m wondering if it’s possible at all to build a Blaster through ordering different bits and pieces from shell to gearbox without having to purchase a full blaster itself, and would this be recommended by someone who has or tried this?

Sure have. The UMP was only available as a shell when it came out so we had to source its Gen 8 internals.

It wasn’t my first blaster, probably the fourth. So it was a good opportunity to learn all the bits an pieces required.

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Would u say it’s possible to build a M4 Gen 9 style AR from scratch?

Yep but i dont reckon it would be any cheaper.
Just the receiver and stock would be about 80 bucks.

But like i want to get a metal frontguard and stock and other parts so thought it would be more efficient to just build it myself rather than swap parts out uknow?

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Might as well go full custom with XM316 receiver and a v2 gearbox with all the fruit. No need to use gen 9 parts at all.


Oh fr, I’ll do some research into that ty

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Check out fps blaster on facebook. He has done heaps of those builds. They turn out very nice. Most powerful one I seen was 370fps but accuracy suffered a bit.
Sweet spot is about 280-300.
He has videos on the page that demonstrates the accuracy he gets.


Do they make the xm316 reciever in metal?
Also this any good?

Or should i just stick to a nylon gearbox case, also can anyone tell me what “Split receiver” mean?.

No metal for receiver. Would be illigal then.

Yep. The APS is the best off the shelf solution. I’ve just dropped one in my M4

From what i can tell the gen 9 stock receiver is split as it has an upper and lower half.
You then combine that with a v2 split gearbox .
This gives you access to the spring, plunger and oring with out taking the whole gearbox apart. You can leave it all in the blaster and access it from the top.

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Except a v2 box wont fit in to a gen 9 receiver without a bit of dremel action. This topic is a bridge i will cross in about 8 months. I think we will have a better understanding whether or not airsoft will be allowed here in OZ and I didnt want to go drop $800 on a gel blaster that wont be able to be sold on once airsoft becomes legal.

That’s (Airsoft) a very long long way down the road yet. The beauty of the V2 boxes is the ability to drop them into other compatible shells. I’m in that position now that I’m putting one in the ACR.

What exactly is the law that makes metal receivers illegal? And how close/far are we from making airsoft legal here?

There is none… in QLD at least. It’s all about the ammunition they fire not the material of the receiver. There was some talk about some fields not allowing metal receivers. I think the fields will impose an FPS cap but thats about all. Same as Airsoft fields.

Well im in SA, so would it be safer to just go with a nylon receiver with a metal stock and front guard? And would it be cheaper to go with a nylon gearbox than the APS metal one?

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All my builds are made from parts.
I just buy all bits individually.


I thought the same thing the moment Brendon had it listed on chainsaw. I’ve got a few upgrade parts from him and have been good quality and fair price. but because we have finally got V2 gearboxes in Aus, and their straight up Airsoft gbs only difference is the barrels i.d and a t bar used instead of a hopup. and the reviews for aps gearboxes wasn’t too good. Top rated shells were lonex, retro arms, k.a and shs

This is hypothetical, but if I got a v2 gearbox, I could use it in an airsoft rifle in the future if airsoft became legal right?