Burst Chip - Urrkii Programmable MOSFET


Connects between battery and blaster like the Burst Avocado.
Programs a little differently but just as easily.
Continues to auto when trigger is held down.

Handy for blasters that do not have a semi-auto mode.
Anyone else tried one?

Super curious



Conceptually I see what it’s doing and how but…

I’ve got one coming so will soon know, well, in 30-60 days anyway.


Does that include stop overs in KLIA and redbank?



Tested, works as advertised, set aside while deciding what to put it into.
Can be ordered with Deans/XT60/Tamiya connectors so I’ll need to mod as I prefer XT30s.
Includes wired connector for other features. Haven’t read about that yet.
Wires it comes with are heavy duty.

Instructuons are detailed and covers programming modes.
3 shot burst mode set when supplied.

Basic programming is simple.

  • hold trigger > LED flashes 2x
  • squeeze trigger #times, wait
  • LED flashes
  • wait for 4s/till LED fades
  • done.

In use, every trigger squeeze produces burst as programmed.
Keep holding trigger and 0.5s after burst, it goes full auto
Programmed burst returns with next trigger squeeze. :+1:


Extra wires are added by me for testing.

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If I read this right, (I know I am in slow-mo tonight) one plug into the battery, then the power routes through this into the blaster power lead. This might be spot on for my QBZ, instead of off and full auto only.

Yes, it simply goes between battery and blaster connector.
This vid is same product, explained painfully slowly.

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Yep, painful…! I have one ordered and it will be perfect for the QBZ-95/3. I love that this little sucker has active braking hehe.

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It certainly makes any auto only blaster more versatile. :sunglasses:

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Any update? Does it still perform OK?

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Yes it does. Clever gadget.

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