Butt Stock mods/upgrades for the J10 ACR

Hi guys, i was wondering if there was anywhere to get an adapter so I can have a standard buffer tube to put a new butt stock on my ACR?

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Like this?


That is what I’m after thank you so much, for the life of me I couldn’t find it through extensive googling

this will actually work with out blaster with ACR j10 modification O_o!?

I found this on cults3d.com

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I’m happy to send the file for 3d printing if I’m allowed

Please upload the file I’d love to try this

will this work for a gel blaster?

@spectre720 will this work for a jinming gel blaster as that looks like a real rifle?

There is one on aliexpress that is designed the j10

Thanks heaps man…ill take a look now