Buyer Beware - Dishonest Blaster Business

I have spent a few days contemplating whether I post this or not but have decided it must be done as I dislike dishonest businesses a lot, especially when there are so many great Australians running local businesses having to compete with this crap.

In my experience, “Bad Soldier Hobbies” does NOT ship from Brisbane Queensland with a 2 to 7 day postage time as stated on their website. I have made 2 separate orders in the past month. The stock is mailed from Asia and shipping time has taken 14 days for myself, and I am located 2 hrs from Brisbane. The first parcel had a RETURN address of
ABST Company
Suite 32, Level 3, Building 4B
4 Lord St

Anyone that is well versed in dishonest ebay practices knows to avoid sellers from this location as they are Asians scamming Australians into fast shipping times which turn out to be a few weeks of waiting.

1st Order - Paid for on 23rd May and received in mail 6th of June. 14 days.
2nd Order - Paid for on 28th May and still awaiting parcel on the 8th of June. 9 days and counting.

I also contacted them asking why is it taking so long.

MY EMAIL - May 31st

Still no delivery of the two Bad Soldier Orders I have purchased. It is now day 8 since my first order.

Also, the tracking number you gave me does not work, it still says pending.


THEIR REPLY - May 31st
Yes it’s on the way, there is a delay on Australia Post end of things mainly with updates and processing on packages lodged over the last week.
There should be a notification when on Aus Post website when you click on the tracking with more details.
It should still arrive with no delays.
Kind Regards, Jess”

This lie is what mainly ticked me off, and caused me to pull the trigger on notifying our community of this dishonesty.

I pay a premium locally to support local businesses and receive my stuff QUICKLY. If I was happy to wait a few weeks for an order I would shop from an honest Asia based site with WAY lower prices.

AVOID THIS BUSINESS - If anyone can prove me wrong with this please speak up and I will retract my statement completely.


mate thankyou for taking the time to flag a dishonest trying to take business away from the real local based companies. but unfortunately I’ve noticed myself it seems to be coming trend on eBay. and that’s nothing against eBay as I’ve been buying from eBay for years. again great post and those reading this please be sure to share to others. in hopes they loose all customers

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve noticed it a bit on ebay too. Some will just blatantly lie about the item location, hand out a fake tracking number and then 3 weeks later it just turns up with the standard Chinese Post / EMS sticker. Last time it happened on eBay I filed and got a partial refund.

I found normally the easiest way to tell is click on the sellers profile it will tell you where they are and also the estimated delivery time as anything say going from NSW to Vic takes 3days on average so if the ETA is 10-14 days chances are its dropped shipped

Similar experience. So id rather buy in Australia then overseas. After waiting 11 days for confirmation it had even been processed and then another 3 after that for a tracking number the sending on the Track in number supplied you think would be “bad soldier hobbies” nah nah nah that would an honest legitamite business instead it reads"ICE SHENZENG" what did yours say @Rokz

Mine says, after 10 or so days, that it was processed in Brisbane. There is no sender on the tracking. Just the return address on the parcel.

Also, as an update. I have informed Afterpay of the fraud business, next I will be lodging a complaint with the ACCC.

Might be a bit over the top, but misleading customers about location is a definite breach of Australian consumer law.

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It seems most of the industry is dishonest!
I have had some of the worst customer service and shoddy workmanship I have ever seen since getting into gel blasters 3 months ago.
Here is an example of it !

This job cost me over $300 and from one of the biggest blaster workshops in Australia.
Every single thing they touched was the same and I got nothing resolved.
But I have had the same from two other so called professional shops.

I think DIY is the way to go instead of paying the hourly labour rate if you mess up and that’s usually once it still ends up being cheaper. I have been quoted $75 an hour for labour time.

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Oh I agree, I am a fitter machinist but I had ordered all the parts to do it myself but nearly every part supplied from 2 different retailers did not fit my vector so I got frustrated and the guys assured me he had all the correct parts and would make it sweet !
I have since customized 2 Vectors myself and both are perfect now.

I had to linish components and press fit them together as everything you get just seems to have random threads and dont work with the components they’re made to work with.

damn $75 that should be illegal or maybe I should start charging $45 instead of nothing. plus I’m sure I would get better customer feedback lol

A couple of weeks ago i received a hopup for my SKD 1911 from a brissy shop we all know.
The hopup was a printed version,didnt fit into the slide turn to lock on the barrel.
The hopup itself was almost 45deg off line when i held it in situe.
I wonder why these arent checked before sending them to customers.
I’ve been to crook of late to contact the company but I’m sure they will replace it when i eventually can.
I’ve also bought a set of 32:1metal gears from another well known brissy shop specifically for my Well M401 which doesnt work with the new metal ladder set up.
I’m thinking it needs a half ladder or some teeth ground off to work.
But these are all part of the fun of upgrading blasters, IF the parts are well made.

32:1??? Is that a typo, I’d only really use 18:1 Or 9:1 split gears if they are true 32 teeth gears then that’s why it won’t work as far as I know, it won’t let your piston return? Yeah man the bloody hopups that are 3d printed are not ideal as heat can deform them. I’m waiting on a metal one currently and will report on its quality.

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i have 32:1 gear same problem

Yes but the teeth are all the way across and the piston and spring fully compress and wont release.

Don’t 32 - 1 gears make the firing rate too slow? Or am I getting the effect of gearing all wrong? I thunk that 13 - 1 or 18 - 1 was the norm?

Can anyone describe what the different gearing does… or post a link to a thread that explains it? I can’t find any by searching? :thinking:


Sorry bro but this topic is starting to veere a different direction to where it started. But its not uncommon especially in forums it can happen without realising it. I’ve got a couple things to sort out first then I’ll pm some info to help explain gear ratios better for ya

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