Buying a blaster from China

Hey guys, I’m brand new to the world of gel blasters and being brand new don’t know if I really wanna spend $250+ on a blaster I may use once. I mean I know a fair few people with them and they keep telling me it’s not gonna happen, I’ll use it till it dies. I was scrolling through the world of ‘alibaba’ and found a decent price on a HK LTD416D v3.0 (wasn’t insanely cheap), so i messaged the vendor and he told me that they supply basically most of the stores in Aus. (I’ll add pics) just wanting to know if anyone’s used tactical M&L or am I just better off saving pennies and buying from a local store?

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The problem with buying blasters from overseas, is that customs / ABF will probably keep it. So even though you’ll be paying more to buy locally, at least you’ll get it. is probably the cheapest you’ll find locally.

Also Alibaba sellers are mostly wholesale, so they will have minimum quantities for a good price, and one off / sample will be more expensive than buying locally once you add shipping.


If you buy locally you get the benefits of warranty etc. Easier to return via post locally or if you are lucky you can actually visit the store. Well worth the extra bit of money IMHO.

Have fun.


No worries, thank you both. I was wondering how customs would go about it but no doubt it would be lost! Yeah the supplier said he can do small orders also which I thought was great. Question answered tho! :rofl: happy blasting

you need to fill a b709a forum with Queensland police too before you import it

A lot of the stores have ranges to test and play with so you could have a try and see if you enjoy it.

I usually invite my mates out to donnybrook for a day and they can rent the blaster, see if they enjoy the day and most usually purchase a blaster pretty quickly after that :wink:

But it’s a good way to see if you enjoy the sport before spending on a purchase.

i 2nd that TheBeastyNoob just rent one from donnybrook for the day and see if gel blasting is for you

because if you do like it dont waste money on a blaster you will end up upgrading the whole blaster get a quality blaster and be done with it

Thanks again guys I think it will just be easier to get one locally haha. Looking at the HK LTD416D v3. Something about the look of it I just like. Would you suggest putting in the work yourself or getting a store to upgrade it? I’m not bad at pulling things apart and putting them back together but is there any benefit to getting a shop to do it?

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Best to do work on it yourself

depends some items just go on however some parts need tinkering to get them to fit but google upgrade videos should give you a idea of what may be involved if you get hooked you and your wallet are screwed

but consider a metal blaster from Azreals or other shop i purchased stock gen 8 blaster when i first started and by the time i upgraded it there was no original parts left so just keep in mind that a 500 dollar blaster is not bad value when you consider the cost of upgrading a cheaper plastic one

i have the all wood AK and is great straight out of the box and i still added a hop up and the 11.1v battery and had to re do a crapp RX drum mag so a descent blaster wont be cheep and there is always something you want to change

just a couple of stores that sell the all metal blasters

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