Buying guide for first blaster

So i’ve been looking into gel blasters for a couple of weeks now and in about a month im gonna buy my first blaster. i’m not quite sure what to buy (my limit is about $400 aud) i don’t have anything, so i would like some recommendations.

For the blaster itself i would like something that is solid and will last for a while, that i can upgrade overtime. i was thinking a HK416 or SLR. but if you have any more recommendations i would appreciate that.

Also is there anything else that would be useful or good to have that i wouldn’t know about.

Hi, with your budget, I would buy two Gen 9 or J10’s, for 2 reasons. They are both good and easy to upgrade and less than $150 on ebay… so, you have $100 to play with.

Then, try them both, keep the best one stock… maybe a green O ring and 1.25 or 1.3mm spring… then start upgrading the other one. Also, if you stuff something up, you can look at the other one for reference.

Also, you need to have one blaster ready to go… plenty of people have bought one $400 blaster… then find it is always ‘in the shop’ or waiting for mods on the slow boat… then they lose interest in blasters…

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this is a good plan and you really can’t go wrong with a j10


Yes, I would pick two J10’s myself… because the J10 doesn’t look so much like the instantly recognisable ‘terror weapon’ that the general public sees the Gen 9 as… and I like the folding stock…

I think the worst thing that can put a noob blaster owner off blasters… is when their first (and only) blaster is down for repair… or been f*ked up by them trying to ‘make it better’ so they have no blaster to play with… or they keep getting covered in welts because it is not working ‘again’ and lets them down in a game (imagine being in a game and you have Hiroshima, Hamish and Rattler in your sights and you jump out and at that exact moment, your blaster wont go noidea Hopefully you look good in welts :grin::money_mouth_face:

Many noobs loose interest and think that gel blasters are ‘too unreliable’ badluck laughing%20(1) violin

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i was thinking solid ootb performers that don’t really need much of an upgrade but have plenty of options when you want to…

but sure…looks counts too…i suppose

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Couple of J9’s would be my advice too. So many cheap and easy visual mods to make it your own. Plenty of performance options too.

Expecting to see discount codes for Australia Day, so keep an eye on the 2-in-1 J9 combo


thanks for the suggestions but i kinda only want to get 1 blaster (i’m normally extremely poor and wont be able to afford anything for a while after the $400) and before i start getting more i want to use this as like a test ■■■ but i also don’t wont to buy some crappy garbage that’s going to ruin my experience so that’s why i want something that’s solid and that i can upgrade if i start getting really into it.

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Your call, but just remember, if your one, up to $400 blaster has any issues at all, breaks down or otherwise becomes unusable… you have nothing to play with until it gets repaired/fixed… and that is very frustrating… a%20what%20the head

Oh well, hopefully your $400 blaster will be bulletproof laughing%20(1) see what I did there … oh, never mind… :grin:

That being the case I would reccomend the Well v4, it is a great performer OOTB and is very solid having a metal gearbox, metal gears, metal head and metal barrel.
Parts are readily available and is upgradeable if you so choose.

I reckon an M4 / AR platform to start on better than the ACR.
Can change grips, stocks and front handguards more easily and cheaper.
Accuracy is better.
Battery compartment on ACR is terrible.
Easier to work on the the gearbox, setting motor height and shimming.
Buffer tube screw into metal spring retainer better setup.

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I agree with @Rattler on the one he recommended, it is honestly a solid well made blaster, great FPS out of the box. Being an M4 you can easily upgrade to look how ever you like.

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Look out for Australia day specials on the weekend… like, I wouldn’t recommend buying one today for the full price… there might be 10 or 20% off if you are lucky… oh, and buy some real actual gels for it… Rattler will tell you what works best… wont you Rattler :money_mouth_face::grin:

Will you be going into a store to buy it? Or get it online? If you are going in, ask if you can put some gels through it if they have a range at the shop… or, if online, maybe ask if they can test the one they send you?.. so, if any issues, or you have questions, you can sort it out there and then? like pop

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The last couple of Well v4’s I saw came with Armourtech gels not the crappy ones

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