BY MAC10 Dive-in and Mods

Really? Of course, it’s not like a regular MAC10 mag.
Well enjoy. I’ll pass. :rofl::rofl:

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Not Glock but uses Glock mags and drums.
It’s kinda sexy and doable, combining MAC with a pistol.
Would that make it a Mock10? :sunglasses:


I ordered a MAC10 gearbox and received half a blaster. :crazy_face:

New gearbox?
Previous boxes were squarish, this clearly has a rounded bottom section. Wonder what else is different.

Never mind.
Seems there has always been a rounded gearbox s this pic from obskewa shows. Just hadn’t picked up that detail before.
V2 perhaps?


Same masking tape barrel job ?
Tooke a while to get it all out of mine.

Doesn’t look it.

Ever seen these t peices for sale?

On the just in case i fuck it?

The top half is not unusual.
If hot n cold soaks don’t work, it’s easy enough to cut and join.

I had no trouble reusing it to test different barrels.

Closest I’ve come across.
You may need to cut slots in the gearbox to help secure it as the tabs on this are above and below instead of on the sides.

Due to a series of tectonic shifts, I’ve ended up with another one.
Like DocBob and his M4s, it’s all VERY SILLY!

What can I make of another MAC10 receiver and 2 gearboxes?
Twin barrel MAC10? A MAC20?
A brick with switchable dual or alternating fire.
Would just need a variable delay on one of 2 relays.
Hah! Too easy. Just need some fabricating. :sunglasses:


Twin UV LEDs in MAC10 tpiece (early pic).


How far do those leds protrude into the t piece? I imagine it can’t be far. And are they on permanently to glow the gels up? After reading most of your work I swung past Jaycar for a bunch of leds and resistors and such, so getting prepped to totally fuck a bunch of my wiring.

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There should be pics in some threads but usually, maybe 0.5 -1mm protruding.
At the start I would flatten them slightly but now I just drill and push them in till tight.
The pic above shows roughly where they end up.
No feed issues.

Being connected to the mag terminals, they come on only when the mag motor is powered.
They also get a dose of UV whenever you prime.

I am not sure if Jaycar sell 3mm UV, just 5mm. I get mine online.
You may need to improvise.


Sold my mac 10 . Was a bloody good little blaster and the guy got a pretty decent deal.
Gonna miss it , but , GBB comin next week. Needed to sacrifice something.

When the time comes i will get the BF.


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Just a thought.

Decided to work on the spare unit I received from ihobby.
This thing is quiet.

  • UV in mag
    -,Shortened trigger and removed play
  • Reduced trigger guard
  • Recessed outer barrel, have to shorten 2cm
  • Tidied all wiring

Have a second gearbox that will be tested with a 1.28 spring and tighter barrel. Handy having spare deagle/1911 gears. :sunglasses:

Trigger and trigger guard mod overlay.
Tried a long suppressor in parts bin. Looks…different. :grin:

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BY MAC10s use 5S gearboxes so these would effectively be MAC10s optioned with AR shells and drum mags, for about the same price. :wink:

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