Calling all Perun purists

So far I’ve cleaned the unit up from this…

To this…

So before I get in and removing the excess solder, are these meant to be connected?

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Are these pics any help to you?

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Yep awesome! Thanks @HelterSkelter it looks like they are meant to be connected.

Bugger… now comparing the bottom I see something is missing…

what the friggity fark did you do to do that?!?

Picked it up 2nd hand :frowning:


Oh I see now. Well this is disappointing mate.:persevere:

We’re you aware of the condition when you purchased the perun? If you weren’t, did you ask for a refund?

Well it was sold as a working unit. Only reason for selling was he went back to mechanical.

If that was the condition you brought it in. It’s obviously not a working unit. Ask for your money back if you can. Did you use PayPal? Where did you buy it?

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