Can a standard M401 handle an 11v battery?

Freshly acquired and from some brief chatter over on the Facebook group the peoples say the internals can handle an 11v battery just fine. Seeking first-hand experience, please :pray:

Yeah 11v no problems.


I have a mate that put one in a standard WellM401 and stripped his gearbox, not sure if it was the gears or the ladder on the plunger, but ended up with a rebuild after owning it for only a few days.

if your mates gearbox stripped its because of other factors than the voltage. gears generally strip out because they aren’t meshed properly.

I run 11v on my G36 which i believe is the same gearbox. Have been running it for about a month now on 11v with no issues.

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Yer pretty close. Mumma always said I was special :roll_eyes:

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Hey Mate, are you fairly happy with the G36 ?

sorry lowguido I love ya vids on YouTube but from personal experience a mate ran a turnigy 11v 1200mah lipo before upgraded all internals just to see how long it lasts. it’s lasted 1 fully charged battery and within 5mins of second battery it died. results were cracked gearbox shell, piston teeth worn, sector and bevil gears heavily worn down but sector was the worst.

my mumma always told me… life’s like a box of chocolates, ya never know what y’all gonna get

Chances are that box was gonna break regardless of what batteries were in it.

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Just fitted an 1.3 upgrade spring into my M401.
Turned it on,pressed trigger and with a clunk the piston can back and froze.
Spring didnt compress far enough to complete the full movement.Removed and fitted stock spring and it worked again.
Before i fitted the 1.3 i noticed a crack on either side of casing at rear of spring housing.
I’ve been using a 11.1 battery for about 10 mags.
Only had the gun 2 weeks and only used a few times.
Maybe it was cracked when i bought it,i don’t know.

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SKD CS007 out of box dissapointed.
I used gels that were too wet and water started dripping through the on/off switch at the base of the grip.Remember these are hopper fed.
I disassembled the gun to dry it out and found it was soaked throughout.
I found a chunk of steel in the base of the grip,no doubt for balance,but i discarded it and it feels fine.
The piston head rubber is like out of a spud gun or such.Very cheaply made.
I stretched the spring an extra inch and assembled the gun.
Surprise…it fired the gels an extra 15 mtrs at least.
But i would like to upgrade the cylinder,piston and plastic barrel,maybe metal gears but not sure if parts are available or even if its worth it.
I’m an old bloke and learning here.
I tried an 11.1v battery on this for a few bursts and it was MAD !
My brain couldn’t keep up with the gels spewing forth.
Won’t do it again as for sure the internals will self destruct.


Hey mate just letting you know that that’s not a crack it’s an imperfection from the mould and it’s also not in the spring housing or the gearbox it’s part of the receiver I say that as mine has the same thing in the same spots brand new out of the box and I thought the same thing till I saw this post and decided to crack it open and as you can see it’s not part of the gearbox and I could feel that it was definitely an imperfection from the mould

Yep,ur are correct !
I’m learning heaps working on my M401.
So much can be done on them and most blasters.
I found out today blue gels are the best with this barrel,close grouped shots and work amazingly with a hopup.
Tried milkies and other colours but the difference is phenomenal.

Is that the stock barrel or an upgraded barrel

Stock aluminium barrel 7.4mm i think i remember low guido doing a review on them.
I also fitted a full stainless steel cylinder as the standard has a port 3/4 of the way along and cuts down on the compression stroke.