Can anyone help me with my slr modding¿?

Hey guys I’m building a slr ,now I’m planning to upgrade my gearbox but there’s a few questions I wanted to ask
1)can I use j9 gears in jing ji slr v2 gearbox?
2)can I replace the stock cylinder&plunger with j9 cylinder&plunger?
3)do I need to change the inner barrel in order to install a hop-up?

Hey mate,

1, do you mean stock nylon gears?
SHS metal gears will work fine
2, cylinder most likely, plunger or piston on the J9 is not the same, it’s diameter is smaller.
Could be lots of play, enough for the piston to come off the tracks. You’d need to check

3, not sure what you mean.

Edited because I didn’t read correctly first time…

My bad @Rattler , I didn’t read it properly… I’ve fixed it🤦🏽‍♂️

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Hey mate thanks for your info, The third question is referring to the inner barrel I’m wondering do I need to change the inner barrel to a longer one (from stock barrel) in order to install a hopup

Hi mate,

Um not sure, I have two SLR’s
One runs an outer barrel the other doesn’t need one. Both are running the non stock inner barrels with different lengths.

I guess it all depends on what type of t piece and adapter you’ve planning on using eg. FB or factory SLR. Work out the outer barrel length you’ll run, buy a inner barrel long enough to suit.

I use a super slim hop up that fits inside the muzzle flash thingy.
I’ll take photo when I get home.


no, if u got them ali correctly, and i understand what u mean, me personally i fit a hopup that near perfect fit in to a flash hider, than screw it into the outter barrel