Can anyone here print this on a 3d printer?

Hey guys,

I’m just wanting to have some different styles of mags in the scar-h and thought the V2 Drum Mag looked similar to the scars, except the scar is a bit bigger on the front and sides, just wondering if there is anyone in here that would be able to print off some sleeves that bulk the mags out by 2mm on each side and 15mm at the front while keeping the same mag port. Some bad photos of my test below:

drum side

The mag with the tape on it works well.

Would it be possible to sleeve the mag well instead?

I still want to use the scar-h mags, which makes it a bit tricky.

Can you use this?

I can tell 100% but I believe that is the same thickness as the original drum mag without tape. Please correct me if I’m wrong, this would be an easy fix.

I’m not sure I’ve just found it, hopefully someone else has experience?

Nope. The cyma is a standard gen 8 style mag.

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