Can aps ak’s run 11v

Hi everyone any help would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:, thanks Max

If you’re referring to the cast boxes, yes

But you have to redo the build and fix a bunch of things

There are plenty of threads about fixing the aos cast boxes to make them reliable here too

Ootb will the aps ak with the silver edge v3 gearbox run 11v or is it probably a good idea to reshim and replace the piston in this and also the thing I’m most worried about with it is the blowback

It will but not for long

Not recommended

Be worried about ripping the front off the box

Yes the blowback will jam up on 3s. Easy to disable. Easy to enable again if you want it to run on 2s.

Piston definitely needs replacing having nylon rack. Apart from that go ham, APS V3 box are stronger than the v2 type.


The blowback is so sexy i might run it on 2s just for that and I think the piston needs replacement eventually anyways

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