Can I cut my outer barrel down?

Hey guys, just wondering if I am able to cut my outer barrel down two 26cm instead of 35cm and what way can I cut it?15875999579233619692372748092578|375x500
On the bottom of that photo the very bottom crease in the metal is 26cm and im not sure I’m a fan of the part sticking out.

so can I cut the side facing away from the receiver or do i cut the other end that goes into the adaptor?
Thanks heaps, Lincoln

You would be better off cutting the end furthest away from the reciever, if you know someone with a lathe, itll make short work of it and also will clean up easier

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The problem is that you have threading at the receiver end to secure to the adapter, and threading at the other end to secure the flash hider.

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There is inner thread on receiver end, and outer thread on the tip, if u have anyway of making either of those thread of the same spec then I don’t see why no

It actually looks to be a gen 8 so no threads on the receiver end :+1:

Well spotted! I can see now that it doesn’t look like a split receiver, but the case screw holes don’t look like any of my Gen 8’s either.

If you don’t need threading at the receiver end, that’s the place to cut, so you can keep your 14mm CCW flash thread.

If you are happy with19mm all the way, I use this on my Gen 8’s

Yeah, it’s A gen 8

Yeah it’s gen 8, thanks for your advice

If your interested in a cut down and rethread send me a pm, ive got the equipment to do it properly

Thanks, but I don’t need a rethread as one end is just going into a gen 8 adaptor.