Can I use an aluminium quad rail handguard on the JM M4a1 gen 9?

I’m new and I want to buy a JinMing m4a1 gen 9 however I want to change the cylindrical hand guard to a quad rail hand guard (or fishbone).

Could I replace the gen 9 hand guard with this instead?

Do I just need to remove the old hand guard then place this on or do I need to buy some type of adapter and stable ring?


You can buy 2-in-1 or combo versions of the J9 which include a nylon quad rail handguard that secures via the delta ring in the same way as the original.

The handguard you’ve linked to looks like a two-piece that “clamps” on - I’ve used these on Gen 8’s (with adapters) before, cant say how suited they are to J9.

If you remove the delta ring on the J9, it will allow you to use threaded handguards that will sit flush with the receiver.

TacEdge have a cheap option for these if you’re not dead set on black…

Could I also try using a nylon fishbone like this one?

Thanks again

Yeah, pretty sure this is the same one as the 2-in-1 uses

Right that helps a lot , cheers mate

Tactical Edge Hobbies have the two piece nylon fishbones for the Gen 9 M4A1s… fit with the original nylon delta ring…

I’ll be putting these on my Gen 9, but no good if you really want metal accessories. The rest of the blaster’s nylon anyway, so I’m good with them. :+1:

Big boss tactical has metal 6.6" ones but is on backorder atm
I ordered one, waiting for it to get in stock :confused: