Can you convert a soft to gel?

i know that you can convert gel to a soft, but how about a soft to gel?

Not sure what you asking, but there are hard differences because the gel is larger. Lots of changes to make that work.

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i am assuming you mean GBB pistols ?

dont see why not just need 1 to tinker with :+1:

strictly, yes.

should it be a conversation here? probably not.

will it require parts that are illegal to procure, definitely

is the action itself also pretense for mafia rape…definitely.

sorry, but i feel this subject in a public forum knowing the mafia are frothing to deny us our sport is not in our best interests.


Mostly just enlarge barrel diameter, remove internal AS hopup, make custom tpiece, enlarge the mag retainer a little at the top where it stops the balls coming out if needed. And do all that before shipping it to Australia.

Edit: like @zeHamish said. Seems we were typing at the same time haha