Sooooooo…180 - 197 on a fresh bulb. Not overly impressed to be honest. I did give it a clean and reoil but didnt go overboard. Anyone else got sojme figures for theres?

You should be hitting about 280

Try giving it another clean and oil. Just to make sure. And you did check the mag over. Oil it ect? The one I chronoed did the same and it too a couple cleans until it worked right.


Will do.

Silly question but oil the mag? Just the valve yeah?

Where the head of the co2 bulb goes in there’s an o ring. Give that a drop. The release valve. Drop some and work the little lever a bunch to work the oil in and the top where it opened. If you push the valve a little bit of it will poke through. Get a drop or 2 on that and work it in. It’ll help keep it sealed and the level fire down better.

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Awesome, thank you.

I have some of the WD40 silicone spray that I used before. Not overly great but it works I guess

G17 owner here, with chrono, haven’t yet though, will tomorrow. Ezywhip.com.au C02 bulbs ordered Sunday afternoon arrived lunch today, not bad.

I have the same Silicon Spray as you Juzzy which works a treat on everything else I use it on. I’m to investigate thoroughly the ins ‘n’ outs of these Carbon Dioxide Munchin’ Machines so as to keep mine singing smooth, which may include the addition of different lubes and oils.

I’m in love so far. I’m to order tomorrow a Two Stage Mag Screw and a Green Gas Mag to see the difference. Then another RMR Sight, will it hold up to the recoil, we’ll see. Azraels Armoury I believe is in the development phase of creating a Muzzle end Hop-Up for these in the same style as the XTP line, hope so, order number one here.

Just a heads up, if you’ve got one of the CEH or m4a1 g17s those 2 stage mag screws aren’t suitable. The 2 stage are only for the azrael/TEH mags as the co2 goes in upside down.

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MY NEW HERO, thank you, surely I would have double checked, but, I’ve done sillier things. Thank you, thank you, thank you. New information, love it, bring it on, thank you, did I already say that :+1:

Mine was only 200-220 , changed to a P1 mag and now it’s 260-280

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Check your local hobby shop for 100% silicon oil or as they some times call it shock oil. 50w is around about what you’re looking for(I think).

Some people don’t have issues with it but personally I don’t use the spray lubes/oils as they can have petroleum solvents in them which will over time eat anything that’s rubber or the like then your looking for new parts.


Good advice…thank you :slight_smile:

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And a thaaaaannnkk you. I don’t have time to scratch my ass. I checked the G17 over for fit and tolerances, all good, checked it was well lubed, good again, then have run two C02’s through it, well one really as the first was more of a shot in the hand, don’t ask. I’ve stopped there till further time to investigate how to maintain this little farker.

I’m an RC addict (was/am) E-Revo Brushless, Baja 5b, E-Maxx, Bandits, Motocross Bikes, Copters, and more. Soon? Who knows? to build a MONSTER Baja petrol or electric? OR a Redcat Rampage XB-E. Silicon Oils have never been a favourite of mine, I get it everywhere, and it takes what seems like days to be rid of it from my fingers, though I love tinkering with the suspension on the bigger RC’s. I’ve checked and I only have one unlabeled (very unlike me) bottle of shock oil and don’t feel comfortable using it. The Solvents on rubber I’m aware of, the Solvents in my WD40 Silicon Spray, well, I’m having trouble locking it down.

I believe I will heed your sound advice, unless told/proven otherwise, and grab a fresh bottle of pure ungassed Silicon Oil so as to keep these GBB’s (others to surely follow) runnin’ smooth. Thank you for the advice :+1:

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@Juzzy interested you know how your FPS issues are going!

I had started my own thread with the same issue and still haven’t resolved it. I’ve tried oiling all I could, tried fresh gels and the best I’m getting is 200-220 FPS. No audible leaks either.

Not really too keen on getting involved with CEH post sales drama so I’m wondering if there’s anything else I can check to fix it. Even if it’s fully dismantling to look for a fault I’m comfortable doing it.

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Hey mate.

I stripped the slide and cleaned and re oiled. Oiled the mag where suggested. Everything as best I could. Oil literally dripping out of the thing. Fresh bulb and was pulling 190 - 210. Most times I don’t get through a full mag before the gels stop feeding and I’m shooting blanks. Using fresh ultras as well

Honestly, for the $$ I’m incredibly disappointed. No point complaining because as others have said in previous posts…it’s just a toy

Open to any suggestions to improve it though.

Hmm that’s unfortunate, mines running perfectly just not hitting the 280 ish it should, no feed issues or anything like you’ve described.

I’m still kinda happy with it, I’m in vic so I can’t really take it to a game or anything. I just shoot cans out in the garage, and I love the weight and metallic feel of it and the way it operates (first gbb blaster) so I guess I’ll settle for what it is. But open to suggestions on how to get the FPS up

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With you on that. I’m guessing the gel size are a major consideration but still…

Possibly, what does your ID measure? I measured mine last night at 7.3mm

Hey mate, dont want to derail thread or anything, in vic also and was wondering where did you buy yours from? i cant seem to find them anywhere in stock online and m4a1 is either out of stock or states instore only.

Command elite hobbies have stock I think

I have no idea of ID on mine sorry. No tool to measure it

I am only pulling maybe 30 gels per cartridge. What about you?