CEH CO2 pistols have arrived

they also look like theyve got new electric ones and some full metal m4s. the gearbox on the m4s look like the MRT/CQB Well M4. given the 1911 and Glock M4A1 are selling are Wells brands and look really similar im guessing Atomic Armory is just a rebadged Wells.

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I’m almost willing to bet money the rebranded ones are the nwell 1911 (which I’ve been told by a number of people is actually a 2011. I don’t know what the differences are) that M4a1 sold out of quick. Even in the same looking box. That being said. Quality little product (even though I’m currently having minor issues with mine). But hey. Maybe I can get a mag from them. The ausgel bagged ones weren’t the best

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What were the ausgel?

Main difference with 1911 and 2011 is 1911 is single stack mag, 2011 double stack so wider frame


The ausgel do have a double stack mag. But the co2 ones from atomic armoury looo exactly the same in the pics to what o have sitting on my workbench


? Ausgel are also selling GBB pistols?

Don’t think so. The nwell 1911 and glock 17. If you bought a spare mag they came in an ausgel wrapper.

Those so called 1911 are P14-45 hi-capa

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Ive been told that they classify as a hicappa. I’ve actually been meaning to look up what makes it so? You able to let be lazy and explain the difference? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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yah they are, from my understanding hi-capa is any 1911 platform with higher capacity mag then usual, double stack magazine or what ever they call it. all it is really is a thicker/fatter grip to occupy the bigger magazine.

in the case of that black “1911” CEH is releasing, it is not a “colt 1911”, or IMO not even a “1911” for that matter, it’s “real steel” version is the Para Ordnance p14-45, 14 round mag chambered in .45 ACP, this company was the first ppl to make an upgrade kit (lower frame with fatter grip and higher capacity mag) for 1911 during the 80s, then later started releasing their own version of the higher capacity 1911 reverence.

if anything this baby should be called a 2011 as that’s what is usually used to refer to hi-capacity 1911 variance. like the TTi 2011 Combat Master.

they called it “1911” for the same reason toyota called that little toy car 86, better publicity


Played with them both and the CEH and M4A1 “1911” are the same NWell item and they are a 2011 or as previously pointed out a Para Ordnance p14-45, not 1911 A1. They have 2011 style trigger, hammer, and rear tang. They also have the thicker grip of the double stacked 2011.

They are still very nice.

The one on display in the cabinet at CEH is the 1911 (not the green gas one that I though was it)

Glocks are NWell as well

I picked up my 1911 from CEH today and it was a simple and straightforward process. They were also quality checking all the spare mags as well


Thanks @icarus1314. That actually helps a lot with the understanding and yeah. The 2 that I’ve heard people calling them is a 2011 and hicappa.

And since the ceh one is the same. Means I can go buy a spare mag. I shouldn’t be touching the money that’s going to be used for it. But I think having a spare mag might be useful since any parts or fix’s for these are about 6 weeks away at least

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you mean that new (third one) 1911 for pre-order?
i think that’s a hi-capa too, at lease not a mil-spec / A1, still a more modern/tactical version :confused:

i hope they release that proper silver mil-spec they had on display soon :frowning:

BTW which slide design did u pick?


i’ve had issue with shops (or other ppl) calling it 1911 since they day they release the news about it XDDD
ppl are like, “why are you so serious? its the same shit”
i am like, “coz i am a bloody 1911 bayboi nerd, and they are not the same shit?” :joy: :joy: :joy:


Sorry - I thought the silver one on display in the cabinet was the green gas one. Yes - the one in the cabinet is the 1911 A1 that I’d like. Already purchased a bottle of bluing solution to finish it

I picked the Colt slide, although I probably should have got the blank one

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Received my tracking number today, Gas Glock here I come. My first foray into GBB.
I have the bug, no, not that one. Looking into the drop in conversions to take a AEG to a HPA and my host Blaster isn’t even built yet, yeah, the bug has bit.

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Ok. A few things I should mention. The “atomic armoury co2 1911 and g17” ones are literally just a rebranded nwell pistols that M4a1 had. Had one of the command elite guys give me a small rant about how their completely different. The mags aren’t compatible ect ect. I checked theirs out and even the decals are the same. Same frequent slightly leaky mags for the 1911. The glocks are solid. Haven’t heard any issues with them.

Now don’t rack or fire your blaster until you’ve cleaned it and oiled it. There’s a chance you’ll hurt your blaster or it won’t cycle correctly. Thats with all of the nwell stuff their selling. Their “display” models both had sticky slides. The glock so much so that when you racked it back it didn’t move unless you physically pushed it back.

With your mags. Oil everything beforehand. There’s plenty of videos on how to maintain them. But for the love of your blaster don’t shoot it right away. Please clean and oil it.

(As you can tell they royally pissed me off by lying to my face with a smile thinking I’m too dense to know the difference.)


And it’s $100 more for the same thing?

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You’ve only scratched the surface…

Burrs everywhere, nozzle is rough and has burrs , front sight is machined on an angle , rear sight moves around, mags are junk and the list goes on.

I’ve completly stripped mine and smoothed everything out, deburred and polished the slides and nozzle .

Compared to the APS pistols these are real ordinary!

I am kinda hoping mine shits itself so I can take it back for a refund :-1:


That why I chose the APS models
American’s have been shooting the shit out of them for the past 3 years and they’re still kicking strong :+1:
Go for the trusted brands :+1::+1:

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You’re right there. Forgot about the burrs and stuff. I cleared mine but I only had 2. Got 2 mags taken back under warranty and the ones I have now work perfectly. The slide I still need to polish more.

Mine worked pretty great tbh. 60 odd mags through it and I blew the barrel out the end. Since then I had. A bunch of issues with it but I really really like mine so instead of refund the tech is gonna fix it under warranty. Mine now isn’t cycling properly and getting 2 mags max out of a cylinder. The gas nozzle is getting stuck in the loading chamber area(what serves as a t-peice I guess) so even when it blows back the nozzle isn’t going with it.

I’m letting the tech check it under warranty. If all else fails I might swap it out for one of the glocks (I’ve heard no issues with the glocks so far). I really really like it though despite its flaws. And later on I might go buy another if I swap it for the glock.

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